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Recent Featured Articles:

Some Early Mission Boats on the British Columbia Coast – the Udal and Homespun. Udal

07/03/2019Contributor David Webber’s great grandfather was an early missionary on the BC coast. He shares images of the two vessels he employed on behalf of the Methodist Church.

The Kitnayakwa ex–Rumrunner Rediscovered Kitnayakwa

06/03/2019 Johnny Schaar’s old rum runner the Kitnayakwa unexpectedly turned up after his history of the whiskey trade was recently published. The new owners were delighted to find its original name as they removed multiple coast of paint from the hull.

The Case for an Historic Vessel Registry for British Columbia Vessel Registry

28/02/2019 Naval architect Robert Allen and John MacFarlane make the case for a designation process to identify truly significant floating heritage in British Columbia and documentation database to record their details for historical reference.

The Beaver Rock Beaver Rock

14/12/2018 Contributor James Dean shares detailed images he captured of the former Canadian Coast Guard vessel Beaver Rock which has been sold into US ownership as the Tlingt Princes.

The Yawl–rigged Anne Marie II Anne Marie II

13/12/2018 Contributor Melodie Blundell shares memories of hauling the classic Anne Marie II on the Cowichan Bay Shipyard marine railway and the vessel history.

Vessels Loaned to the Royal Canadian Navy During the First World War Ivy Leaf

11/12/2018 Heidi Rampfl, the Collections Manager of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery discovered marvelous photographs taken during the early days of the First World War on the British Columbia Coast. She shared them so that they can be appreciated by a wider audience. They depict a little known episode in Canadian naval history when there were insufficient resources to protect the Pacific coast from threats posed by German naval raiders.

The Windward Mark Windward Mark

07/12/2018 Windward MARK was a successful project undertaken at the Cowichan Bay Shipyard by Grant Blundell and Les Blundell.

The Perfect Christmas Gift! Rick James Book

23/11/2018 Rick James has just released his long–waited major work on the real story of rum running in British Columbia. He has done a great job of creating a story that is very difficult to put down – it was so riveting that I wanted to read it all in one go! You’ll enjoy it too – or perhaps its the perfect gift for a Dad, granddad, brother – or any person who loves real history or the sea.

Melodie and Grant Blundell – and their Cowichan Bay Shipyard Blundell

30/11/2018 For many years the Cowichan Bay Shipyard Ltd. was operated by the partnership of Melodie and Grant Blundell. Together they ran a busy shipyard that served the fishing and yachting community with other customers in the tugboat and workboat fleet. The yard property has passed into other hands now but they still maintain their motor sailer ketch Margaretta on the slipway annually.

What Happened to the Milbanke Sound? Milbanke Sound

01/12/2018 So often these days the stories of grand old vessels end up sadly as derelicts or at the breakers yard. The story of the Milbanke Sound is different and a new life for an old vessel has been found in Mexico.

Tony Grove – The Silva Bay Shipyard Boat Building School Tony Grove

24/11/2018 You may know of Tony Grove in his capacity as a shipwright, but he is equally well–known as an artist, performer, teacher and writer. His interests are wide and continue to expand. He was instrumental in the brief success enjoyed by the wooden boat building school at Silva Bay. He is still enjoying success from his base on Gabriola Island.

Caretaker of Twin Islands Lodge – A Retreat for Celebrities in Georgia StraitTwin Isles

01/01/2018 Contributor George Duddy shares his article Caretaker of Twin Islands Lodge – A Retreat for Royalty and Celebrities in the Strait of Georgia Shirley Whitehouse spent six years, from 1958–1964, on Twin Islands at the northern end of Georgia Strait where she and her then-husband George Lott were caretakers and hosts of a magnificent log lodge – Twin Islands Lodge – frequented by well–known royal and celebrity guests.

The Bill Garden–Designed Motor Sailer Seascape Seascape

02/11/2018 Nautical historian Barry Rolston shares an interesting Bill Garden designed vessel that was built by his Dad when Barry was in his youth. Although the vessel is no longer in his family possession he has kept track of it and shares images and background on it.

A Cowichan Lake–Style Boat Cowichan Lake Boat

23/10/2018 Contributor Santino Marazzo shares images of his project to restore a 1947 Cowichan Lake–style wooden home–built runabout boat. Another freshwater nautical heritage story.

Featured Reference Lists and Tables:

The Nominal List of Members of the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve (RNCVR)

PosterThe Nominal List of Members of the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve (RNCVR)

Did your grandfather serve in the Canadian Navy during the First World War? To participate in the First World War naval effort Canada formed the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve (RNCVR) which filled out the forces needed to make the navy operational. This is a nominal list of 7,500 of the more than 8,000 who served as members of this organization. There is no publicly available list of members and this represents the result of more than 25 years of research through publicly available sources to produce this one. Each entry is linked to the biography database so interested viewers can see what we have for each name.

Canada’s Naval Aviators

Canada’s Naval AviatorsRobbie Hughes

Few Canadians know about the Royal Canadian Navy’s contribution to Naval Aviation. More than 2,000 Canadians and some other naval aviators who served in Canada comprised this group. Originally published in print by John MacFarlane and Robbie Hughes, more than 25 years ago, this list is now revised and available to visitors to The Nauticapedia.

The Royal Canadian Naval Reserve University Naval Training Division (UNTD)

UNTD Nominal Lists

The definitive Nominal List for the University Naval Training Division (UNTD) of the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve contains the names of almost 7,000 former members and details of their service. Other lists detail the former members known to be deceased and a list of former members who achieved positions of note in their civilian or military careers.

Canada’s Admirals & Commodores

Canada’s Admirals & CommodoresBook Cover

Canada has a rich naval heritage which tends to have a low public profile. To the detriment of the Navy and our awareness of our national culture and history, Canada’s naval contribution in two World Wars, the Korean conflict and the many United Nations and NATO operations is hidden from public view. The great contribution of the navy is both interesting and important – but it is difficult for history lovers to access the information.

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