Canada’s Naval Aviators (The Nominal List)

by John M. MacFarlane and Robbie Hughes (Revised and Updated 2018)

Robbie Hughes

General Robbie Hughes flying during his service as a Naval Aviator. (Photo from the Robbie Hughes collection.)

This is the list of 2,197 naval aviators who served in the Canadian Navy, or who were Canadians serving as naval aviators in other navies. It is derived from the two versions of the printed book of the same name by the authors which were produced in fundraising support of the Maritime Museum of British Columbia and The Shearwater Naval Museum. The books are no longer available new in print, only on the second-hand market. Now this list is much more extensive than those contained in the two printed editions – new names have been added and a great many of the entries have been brought up to date and corrected.

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Name Title Honours Birth Death
Abbott, Edward Francis Lieutenant (RCN(R))   28/04/1939 (nk)
Abbott, George Samuel Flight-Lieutenant (RNAS)   07/01/1887 (nk)
Abbott, Lawrence Cecil Flight-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Abbott, Richard Petty Officer (EA) (1st Class) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Abbott, Robert Franklin P. Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   14/05/1897 (nk)
Abrahams, Anthony David Commander (NR) (CF)   (nk) (nk)
Adam, Orval Patrick Flight-Lieutenant (RAF)   (nk) 01/04/1918
Adams, A. Peter Lieutenant-Commander (P) (RAN)   (nk) (nk)
Adams, Dennis (nk) (AO)   (nk) (nk)
Adams, James Ignatius Second-Lieutenant (RFC)   (nk) (nk)
Adams, James Weirter Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   22/09/1898 (nk)
Adams, John Thomas (nk)   03/12/?? (nk)
Adams, K. (nk)   (nk) 01/01/1985
Adams, Peter Sub-Lieutenant (RAN)   (nk) (nk)
Adamski, Stanley Petty Officer (AVN Tech) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Adamson, William Joseph Petty Officer (Meteorologist) (1st Class) (RCN)   (nk) 00/00/1991
Adderley, P.B. Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Adlam, Leonard Richard (nk) (RCN)   09/04/1918 (nk)
Aggas, Robert B. Petty Officer (RA) (1st class) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Agur, Philip Ballard Second-Lieutenant (RFC)   (nk) (nk)
Aikitt, Brian Walter Colonel (ANAV)   05/04/1952 (nk)
Ainslie, William Alexander Lieutenant-Colonel (PLT)   31/08/1943 (nk)
Aird, Hugh R. Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) 29/05/1971
Aitchison, David Bancroft Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Alain, Antoin Albert F. Lieutenant (P) (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Alan, Richard Lieutenant (P) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Alcorn, Donald Chief Petty Officer (SE) (2nd Class) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Aldrich, Arthur Chief Petty Officer (C2EA) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Alexander, Alfred Mason Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Alexander, Edward W. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN)   (nk) 04/10/1954
Alexander, James Morrow Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   00/00/1897 12/09/1915
Alexander, James Wallace Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Alexander, William Melville Flight-Commander (RNAS) DSC. 08/11/1897 04/10/1988
Alford, Charles Ross Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   26/03/1893 (nk)
Alford, Edward Lloyd George Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander (RCNVR)   (nk) (nk)
Allan, Bryce Raymond Chief Petty Officer (2nd Class) (ANAV)   (nk) (nk)
Allan, Gordon Gurney Lieutenant (P) (RNVR)   25/02/1925 13/03/1988
Allan, Hugh Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   26/10/1896 16/07/1917
Allan, John Roy Flight-Commander (RNAS) DSC. 18/10/1895 11/04/1918
Allan, John Watt Lieutenant (P) (RCNVR)   (nk) 03/05/2001
Allan, M. Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) 06/07/1917
Allan, Thomas Steele Rear-Admiral (CF)   07/11/1927 (nk)
Allard, Pierre Claude Colonel (PLT)   08/01/1946 (nk)
Allardyce, Arthur Henderson Flight-Lieutenant (RNAS)   26/02/1894 (nk)
Allely, George Howard Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Allen, A.G. Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Allen, D. Sub-Lieutenant (RCNVR)   (nk) (nk)
Allen, Donald Barclay Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R))   22/05/1931 (nk)
Allen, Geoffrey P. Lieutenant-Commander (O) (RAN) MBE. (nk) (nk)
Allen, Herbert James Ordinary Seaman (RCN)   (nk) (nk)

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