Canada’s Naval Aviators (The Nominal List)

by John M. MacFarlane and Robbie Hughes (Revised and Updated) 2015

Robbie Hughes

General Robbie Hughes during his service as a Naval Aviator (Photo from the Robbie Hughes collection.)

This is the list of 2,177 naval aviators who served in the Canadian Navy, or who were Canadians serving as naval aviators in other navies. It is derived from the two versions of the printed book of the same name by the authors which were produced for the Maritime Museum of British Columbia and The Shearwater Naval Museum. The books are no longer in print, and now this list is much more extensive than those contained in the two printed editions - and a great many of the entries have been brought up to date and corrected.

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Name Title Honours Birth Death
King, Roger Allison Sub-Lieutenant (O) (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Kings, Dennis Lieutenant-Commander (E) (A/E) (RCN)   23/06/1917 16/01/1989
Kingsmill, Charles Major Lieutenant-Commander (RNR) DSO. VRD. 19/09/1920 01/01/2003
Kingswell, Albert Edgar Lieutenant-Commander (O) (RN)   00/00/1914c 14/04/1992
Kingswood, George W. Sub-Lieutenant (P) (RCNR)   (nk) (nk)
Kirk, James Lieutenant (P) (RCN(R)) Malta 50th Anniversary George Cross Medal (Malta). 06/05/1922 (nk)
Kirkland, Edwin Stanley Lieutenant-Commander (P) (RCNVR)   00/00/1940 22/10/2004
Kirwin, J.T. Lieutenant (P) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Kite, Cyril Felix Lieutenant-Commander (A) (RN)   20/12/1924 (nk)
Kniffen, Leslie Daniel Lieutenant-Commander (E) (A/E) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Knight, Alexander Gordon Godfrey Sub-Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   (nk) 00/00/1994
Knight, Charles Joseph Surgeon Rear-Admiral (RCN) CMM. KCStJ; 11/09/1931 (nk)
Knox, Donald William Commodore (RCN)   11/12/1922 30/11/1968
Kohl, John Peter Lieutenant (P) (RCNR)   22/11/1925 (nk)
Komarnisky, Morris Sub-Lieutenant (RCN)   (nk) 18/03/1957
Korr, Edward Sub-Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   (nk) (nk)
Koskinen, Bruno John Sub-Lieutenant (O) (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Krys, Henry Harry Commissioned Officer (Air) (RCN)   (nk) 1995
Kyle, John David Commander (NR) (CF)   (nk) (nk)
L'Heureux, Edward Joseph Commander (LOG)   14/02/1929 28/10/2013
Lacroix, George Noel Sub-Lieutenant (P) (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Laforme, George Richard Lieutenant-Colonel (PLT) US Navy Commendation Medal (USA). 09/01/1942 (nk)
Laidler, Robert Arthur Lieutenant-Colonel (AR) (PLT)   14/11/1924 13/04/1990
Laing, Hugh V. Leading Airman (RN)   (nk) 01/04/1943
Laing, Walter John Clarke Lieutenant (O) (RCNVR)   (nk) 15/06/1998
Laker, David D. Lieutenant (P) (RN)   (nk) (nk)
Lakie, David Sub-Lieutenant (O) (RCN)   19/12/1924 (nk)
Lambert, Thomas Walter Lieutenant (RCN)   27/05/1947 (nk)
Lammon, R. Michael Sub-Lieutenant (RN)   (nk) (nk)
Lamon, John Milton Lieutenant (P) (RCN(R))   18/08/1925 17/06/1947
Lane, A.W.A. Sub-Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   (nk) (nk)
Lane, Ronald Medford Sub-Lieutenant (E) (A/E) (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Langford, Charles Stanley Bruce Lieutenant (E) (A/E) (RN)   (nk) (nk)
Langlois, Real Joseph Leon Lieutenant-Commander (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Langman, Victor Michael Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) DSC. (nk) 16/11/2009
Lanthier, Reginald G. Major (PLT)   03/02/1942 (nk)
Lapres, Anthony Farrell Gerard Lieutenant (P) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Laquerre, Jacques Lieutenant (RCNR)   (nk) (nk)
Laramee, Guy Laurent Lieutenant-Commander (RCN)   14/08/1917 27/11/2011
Laughlin, Frederick Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Laurie, Greenwood John Lieutenant-Commander (P) (RCN)   28/08/1923 11/12/1996
Laurin, Claude Joseph Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Lavack, Robert Francis Joseph Ferdinand Lieutenant-Commander (P) (RCNR)   10/10/1920 (nk)
Lavack, Robert Frank Pilot Officer (RAF) DFM. (nk) 20/09/1943
Lavigne, Aubrey Peter Lieutenant-Commander (RCN)   (nk) 19/12/2002
Lawson, Ian O. Lieutenant-Commander (O) (RAN)   (nk) (nk)
Lawson, Walter Brogdin Captain (RFC) DFC. 11/11/1892 16/06/1928
Lawson, William (Walter?) Brogdin Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   1893c (nk)
Layard, Arthur Raymond Group Captain (RCAF) OBE. 02/09/1888 05/04/1967
Learmonth, Kenneth William Lieutenant (P) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)

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