Canada’s Naval Aviators (The Nominal List)

by John M. MacFarlane and Robbie Hughes (Revised and Updated) 2015

Robbie Hughes

General Robbie Hughes during his service as a Naval Aviator (Photo from the Robbie Hughes collection.)

This is the list of 2,177 naval aviators who served in the Canadian Navy, or who were Canadians serving as naval aviators in other navies. It is derived from the two versions of the printed book of the same name by the authors which were produced for the Maritime Museum of British Columbia and The Shearwater Naval Museum. The books are no longer in print, and now this list is much more extensive than those contained in the two printed editions - and a great many of the entries have been brought up to date and corrected.

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Name Title Honours Birth Death
McTaggart, Mayne Donald Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   1897 1967
McWha, Laurence Albert Colonel (PLT) Chief of Defence Staff Commendation. Liberation of Kuwait Medal (Saudi Arabia). 01/06/1946 (nk)
Mead, Bert William Lieutenant-Commander (P) (RCN)   21/05/1923 08/03/2011
Medland, William Abbott Lieutenant-Commander (RCN(R))   (nk) 27/08/1995
Meehan, William Francis Sub-Lieutenant (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Mehlhaff, Alvin Lieutenant (RCN(R))   09/03/1929 (nk)
Meikle, Kenneth MacKay Colonel (PLT)   28/04/1925 21/01/2016
Menzies, Thomas T. Sub-Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   (nk) (nk)
Merkley, George Thomas Captain (ANAV)   20/02/1932 25/12/2002
Merriman, H.O. Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Michie, Alastair R. Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   06/1992 (nk)
Midlane, John R. Sub-Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   (nk) (nk)
Milhomme, Leandre Laurent Major (PLT)   13/08/1936 (nk)
Millar, Kenneth Bruce Major (PLT)   27/02/1940 (nk)
Miller, C.W. Lieutenant (USN)   (nk) (nk)
Miller, Charles Edward Crewe Lieutenant (O) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Miller, Vernon Ralph Colonel (PLT)   23/04/1938 (nk)
Mills, Eric James Lieutenant (RCN)   24/04/1931 06/12/2006
Mills, Frederick Stanley Flight-Lieutenant (RNAS) DSC. M.I.D. 12/02/1893 (nk)
Mills, George G. Sub-Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   06/07/1924 (nk)
Mills, J.J. Lieutenant (LD) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Mills, John Barry Lieutenant (RCNR)   (nk) (nk)
Mills, Michael Sub-Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   (nk) 00/00/1941
Milovich, Michael Lieutenant (L) (RCN)   (nk) 13/06/1952
Milsom, Peter Sproull Captain (N) (LOG)   11/08/1941 (nk)
Mistak, Chester F. Sub-Lieutenant (O) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Mitchell, George A. Sub-Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   (nk) (nk)
Mitchell, Herbert G.C. Chief Petty Officer Pilot (RN)   (nk) 22/01/1945
Moffat, William John Bingham Lieutenant-Commander (RCN)   15/05/1934 24/02/2001
Moller, Paul Sandner Sub-Lieutenant (E) (A/E) (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Monicol, C. Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Monk, Donald Thompson Sub-Lieutenant (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Monkhouse, William Leslie Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) OMM. 02/10/1935 03/05/1979
Monks, Robert Alan Lieutenant-Commander (P) (RCN)   (nk) 28/03/1949
Monteith, A.R. Sub-Lieutenant (A) (RNVR)   (nk) (nk)
Monteith, Manly Lieutenant (RN)   (nk) (nk)
Monteith, Rolfe Gibson Captain (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Montgomery, George Barry Lieutenant-Colonel (PLT)   24/11/1935 (nk)
Montgomery, Henry Lieutenant (P) (RCNVR)   02/12/1916 (nk)
Montgomery, W.J. Lieutenant (LD) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
Moody, Paul Sub-Lieutenant (P) (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Moore, A.E. Captain (AR) (AERE)   (nk) (nk)
Moore, Allan James Major (AERE) Chief of Defence Staff Commendation. 22/09/1946 (nk)
Moore, C.E. Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)   (nk) (nk)
Moore, George H. Midshipman (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Moore, Robert Thompson Lieutenant (A) (RN) DSC. 07/10/1921 16/07/1967
Moorehouse, Brian Scott Lieutenant (RCNR)   (nk) (nk)
Moran, John E. Sub-Lieutenant (P) (RCN(R))   (nk) (nk)
Mordy, John Harold Brockwell Lieutenant (P) (RCN)   (nk) (nk)
More, Gerald Arthur G. Lieutenant-Commander (RCN)   18/10/1931 13/03/1998

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