Captain John Voss and the Tilikum

Captain John Claus Voss

Captain John Voss was a tough but competent mariner. He was an exceptional handler of small boats in long distance blue water voyages of great duration. He sailed the dugout canoe Tilikum from Victoria BC to London UK.

Norman Kenny Luxton

Luxton gnerated the idea of the voyage of the tilikum and pitched it to Captain Voss. He accompanied voss on the voyage to Australia but left there on very bad terms. He wrote his own account of his experiences after going on to found the Crag and Canyon newspaper in Banff Alberta.

The Remarkable Voyage of the Tilikum

The Tilikum is a cedar dugout canoe that was sailed by Captain John Voss from Victoria BC to London UK in an epic voyage that has captured the imaginations of arm chair explorers and mariners for over a hundred years.

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