The University Naval Training Division (The UNTD Nominal List)

This is the list of more than 6,700 Canadians that served in the University Naval Training Division (UNTD)of the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR) and the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve (RCN(R)). For twenty five years (1943–1968) the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve University Naval Training Division (UNTD) trained university students and turned them into naval officers.

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Name Title ON
Bussieres, Joseph Alexander Paul Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-10745
Butcher, D.W. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-10800
Butcher, John Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Buteau, G.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-10850
Butler, B. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Butler, D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-10900
Butler, Douglas Joseph Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) O-10956
Butler, R.S. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Butler, W. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Butt, John Clulow Lieutenant (MED) (RCN(R)) U-10996; O-10989
Butt, R.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-11000
Butterfield, N.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-11900
Butterworth, John Wilfred Captain (Royal Canadian Dragoons) U-12000
Buttimor, J.F. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Buttle, John R. Naval Cadet (E) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12008
Buxton, R.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12025
Buzza, Percival Charles Ordnance Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) U-12030; O-11025
Byers, R.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Byrka, J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12240
Byrne, James Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Cahill, Thomas J. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12385
Cain, Murray Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12389
Cairncross, G.A.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Cairns, R.C. / R.R. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Cairns, R.D. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12395
Cairns, Robert A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12393
Cairns, Ross Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Caldbrick, J.H. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Calder, Glenn Morris Lieutenant-Commander (NR) U-01235; O-11188
Calder, R.L. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12425
Caldwell, John James Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) O-11221
Caldwell, M.C. / M.R. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-02146
Caldwell, Wendell Donaldson Sub-Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) U-12445
Calkoen, Charles Mari Cornelis Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12460
Came, Frank T. Lieutenant (RCN) O-11316
Cameron, C.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12497
Cameron, Claude Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Cameron, Donald A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12499
Cameron, G.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12503
Cameron, I.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12506
Cameron, J.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12515
Cameron, James H. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12508
Cameron, K.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00257
Cameron, Malcolm Angus Sub-Lieutenant (MT) (RCN(R)) U-12522
Cameron, Mervyn Dee Commander (RCN(R)) U-12525; O-11434
Camirand, J.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00570
Camp, D.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12540
Campbell, A.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Campbell, Anthony E.H. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-1611
Campbell, Brian Malcolm Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-00855
Campbell, Brooke Shaw Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-00855; O-11535
Campbell, C.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00397
Campbell, Collin J. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Campbell, Donald Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Campbell, Donald Roy Lieutenant (SB) (RCN(R)) (RCN(R)) U-12585; O-11609
Campbell, Donald S. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12580
Campbell, E.J. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12600
Campbell, F.C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12620
Campbell, George Constantine Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Campbell, I.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00608
Campbell, J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12690
Campbell, J.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12695
Campbell, J.N.C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12665
Campbell, James Melville Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-12675
Campbell, James N. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12680
Campbell, John David Officer Cadet (RCN(R)) RR-3112
Campbell, John Fraser Sub-Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) U-12700
Campbell, John Muir Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) RR-3113; O-11761;
Campbell, John S. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-12691
Campbell, Kenneth R. Commander (LOG) (nk)
Campbell, L. Arnold Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-02170
Campbell, M. McD. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12750
Campbell, Michael Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Campbell, Peter A.G. Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) U-01825
Campbell, R.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Campbell, R.P. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Campbell, Robert G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12865
Campbell, W.R. Constructor Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12920
Campbell, William Kennedy Sub-Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) U-12900
Campney, Alan Farnsworth Sub-Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) U-12950
Cancilla, Patrick A. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12965
Canham, Peter B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00662
Cann, C.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-12990
Canning, Wykie E. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Cannon, J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Cantin, N. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Cantin, P. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Cantley, Charles Alexander Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-12475
Cape, Dennis G. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Cape, Russell L. Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01742; O-12024
Capel, R.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-13050
Capmpbell, Donald R. Sub-Lieutenant (E) (RCNVR) (nk)
Carbonneau, R.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-13060
Cardin, A.L. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-13070
Cariou, D.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Carisse, Joseph Bernard Sub-Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) U-13100
Carlsen, Lloyd Niels Napoleon Sebastian Surgeon Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-13165; O-12167
Carlson, Jack Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Carlyle, Robert W. Lieutenant (RCN) U-13175; O-12188
Carmichael, Donn Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) U-13190; O-12205

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