The University Naval Training Division (The UNTD Nominal List)

This is the list of more than 6,700 Canadians that served in the University Naval Training Division (UNTD)of the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR) and the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve (RCN(R)). For twenty five years (1943–1968) the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve University Naval Training Division (UNTD) trained university students and turned them into naval officers.

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Name Title ON
Dobiecki, D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-20848
Dobiecki, Eustache Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Dobson, Frederick William Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-20821
Dobson, T.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00967
Docherty, J.J. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-20850
Docherty, William G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Dockstader, Robert J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-20860
Dodds, John Oswald Sub-Lieutenant (RCNVR) (nk)
Dodge, David Allison Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Doederlein, Dieter Detley Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01378
Doerr, Douglas Seldon Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Dohnberg, Sven Hendrick Lieutenant (RCN(R)) O-20055
Doig, P.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-20900
Doiron, Dana Phillip Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-02229
Doiron, G.J.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-20930
Doiron, Leo Basil Sub-Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) U-20905; O-20062
Dolbec, R.F.J. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-20980
Dollar, R.S. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21000
Dolman, Robert Stevenson Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander (RCN(R)) U-21100
Dolphin, T. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Dompierre, F.R.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21130
Donahue, D.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-20923
Donais, R.J. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-21200; O-20117
Donaldson, David Redford Captain (N) (MARS) U-21220
Donaldson, J.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Donaldson, John Drummond Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01733; O-20186
Donaldson, Roger Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Doner, Robert L. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Donohue, B.P. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21235
Donohue, W.W.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21240
Donovan, S.L. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Doody, Ross M. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Doody, W.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Doran, Terence Alexander Surgeon Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-21290; O-20282
Dorion, K.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Dorion, R. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Dorlot, J.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00640
Dornan, W.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21320
Dorrance, John Howard Instructor Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-21330
Doty, C.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21345
Doucette, J.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Doucette, L.F. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21350
Dougan, Robert Benjamin Commander (MARS) U-21355; O-20353
Douglas, I. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Douglas, John Hamilton Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Douglas, Martyn George Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01927; O-20433
Douglas, Robert Chisholm Sub-Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) U-21395
Douglas, Robert J. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Douglas, W.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21399
Douglas, William Alexander Binny Commander (MARS) R-06975 ; U-21400; O-20478
Dow, E.W. Instructor Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21455
Dow, John M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21465
Dowdell, Kenneth J. Lieutenant-Commander (RCN(R)) (nk)
Dowds, Donald William Lieutenant (E) (RCN(R)) U-21475
Downing, (?) Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Downing, G. Wynn Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01403
Downs, Allan R. Surgeon Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21485
Doyle, B.T. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21490
Doyle, George Brian Lieutenant-Commander (RCN(R)) U-21495; O-20692
Doyle, J.L. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21500
Doyle, J.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21502
Doyon, J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Draegen, E.W. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21550
Drage, Peter John Lieutenant-Commander (MARS) (nk)
Dragicevich, P. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21553
Drake, B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Drennan, Donald Henry Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Drent, Jan Jansz Commodore (CF) U-21554; O-20765
Dresser, K.C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21557
Drewry, L.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00429
Driscoll, D.L. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21560
Drolet, T.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21564
Drolet, Y.C. Surgeon Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21565
Drost, Ian Louden His Honor Mr. Justice U-21570; O-20822
Drouillard, P.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21573
Drouin, H. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21574
Drouin, Maurice A. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Drouin, P. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Drover, Angus Malcolm Noel Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) U-21578
Drover, J.T. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Drover, Malcolm Angus Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Drowley, William Bradley Lieutenant (E) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Drummond, T.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Drummond, Thane M. Naval Cadet (E) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00165
Drummond, William Harvey Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Dube, A.A. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21586
Dube, C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21587
Dube, Edward Joseph Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-21590
Dube, J.C. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21592
Dube, J.L. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-01143
Dubreuil, J.C. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Dubuc, A.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21600
Ducarme, Terrence W. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-02066
Duchastel, Y. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21650
Duchemin, H.P. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Duchesne, M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Duckett, Claude A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21675
Ducklow, R.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-21700
Duerkop, John D. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-01734
Duff, M. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)

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