The University Naval Training Division (The UNTD Nominal List)

This is the list of more than 6,700 Canadians that served in the University Naval Training Division (UNTD)of the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR) and the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve (RCN(R)). For twenty five years (1943–1968) the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve University Naval Training Division (UNTD) trained university students and turned them into naval officers.

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Name Title ON
Maxwell, Thomas Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Maxwell, Wayne Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
May, Arthur William Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-48465; O-47382
May, B. / G.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
May, G.A. Surgeon Lieutenant (RCN) U-48473
May, J.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48474
Maybee, Douglas J. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48480
Mayda, F.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48485
Mayo, George Henry Lieutenant-Commander (RCN(R)) O-47492
Maze, J.R. Constructor Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48507
McAfee, Michael B. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
McAllister, F.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48531
McAllister, James Edward Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-48533
McAllister, R.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McAllister, Ray Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
McAlpine, Donald Cameron Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-48518
McAlpine, E.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48517
McAndrew, W.J. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48523
McArthur, John Alexander Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
McArthur, L.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48519
McArthur, Peter David Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander (NR) O-47583
McAsey, E.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48538
McAvoy, Joseph L. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48522
McAvoy, P.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48537
McBride, Michael Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McCabe, Bernard St. Clair Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00246
McCabe, Michael J. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-48516; O-47723
McCaffrey, Gordon Charles Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-48527; O-47728
McCaffrey, J.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McCain, G. Wallace F. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48528
McCallum, J.H. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48534
McCallum, William J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McCallum,William J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McCandless, Henry Emerson Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-48535
McCann, Gerald Franklyn Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-48524; O-47855
McCann, W.L. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48540
McCarthy, Michael J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48541
McCartney, R. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McCarville, R.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48530
McCleary, R.D. Naval Cadet (E) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48544
McClelland, J.B. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48536
McClelland, J.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48539
McClenaghan, Thomas D. Constructor Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48453
McCloskey, M.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48545
McCloy, Roderick Hunter Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
McClung, G.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48550
McClure, C. Murray Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48553
McClure, S.C. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McClure, Walter David Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-48557
McCluskey, J.W. Terence Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48558
McClymont, Hamilton Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-01647
McCombe, R.C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48560
McCombe, Robert J. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
McComber, G.C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48561
McConnell, Brian Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
McConnell, Gordon Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McConnell, J.S. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00317
McConnell, William James Clinton Lieutenant (RCN(R)) O-48228
McConomy, K.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McCormack, K.J.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48625
McCracken, Gerald Henderson Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01340; O-48342
McCrae, Kenneth Murray Instructor Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) (nk)
McCrea, Donald E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48690
McCrea, John Morden Electrical Sub-Lieutenant (RCNVR) O-48352
McCrea, Kenneth Murray Instructor Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) V-82334; U-48700
McCreadie, W. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McCreath, Peter Leith Lieutenant (N) (NR) The Honorable O-48354
McCreery, William H. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-1493
McCrorie, J.N. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48725
McCuaig, W.D.A. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48825
McCugan, E.D. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
McCulloch, Andrew Reginald Lieutenant-Commander (E) (RCN(R)) U-48850
McCulloch, R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48900
McCulloch, William Millman Lieutenant-Commander (S) (RCN(R)) U-48915; O-48433
McCullum, James Alexander Supply Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48918
McCutcheon, Frederick Y. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-00351
McDonald, B. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDonald, B.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDonald, C.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48935
McDonald, D.L. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48945
McDonald, D.L. / R.L. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
McDonald, D.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDonald, G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-48947
McDonald, Garth Murray Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) U-48950
McDonald, J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDonald, James I. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDonald, N.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDonald, R.B. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDonald, R.C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDonnell, Mark Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDonney, R.M. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
McDougal, H.F. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
McDougall, Donald Joseph Constructor Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-48900
McDougall, W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-49000
McDowell, J.W. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-49004
McDowell, John R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-49014
McEachern, Donald Lee Sub-Lieutenant (E) (RCN(R)) O-48766
McElroy, William Lieutenant (N) (NR) (nk)
McElwain, John D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00132
McEniry, Peter B. Midshipman (RCN(R)) U-49115

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