The University Naval Training Division (The UNTD Nominal List)

This is the list of more than 6,700 Canadians that served in the University Naval Training Division (UNTD)of the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR) and the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve (RCN(R)). For twenty five years (1943–1968) the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve University Naval Training Division (UNTD) trained university students and turned them into naval officers.

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Name Title ON
Taylor, Clifford C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72870
Taylor, D.A. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Taylor, D.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, D.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72919
Taylor, D.P. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72913
Taylor, Douglas Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, Edwin A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72925
Taylor, G.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, G.C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72975
Taylor, G.H. Naval Cadet (UNTD)(RCN(R)) U-72980
Taylor, J.G. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, J.H.R. Naval Cadet (E) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72987
Taylor, J.O. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, J.P. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, J.S. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72900
Taylor, James D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, John D.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72985
Taylor, K.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72992
Taylor, Lawrence Deans Constructor Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-72995; O-72102
Taylor, Neil R. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, Patrick I.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00155
Taylor, R. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, R. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, R.A. Naval Cadet (E) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-72997
Taylor, R.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73100
Taylor, R.G. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, Ray Falconer Sub-Lieutenant (RCNVR) (nk)
Taylor, Robert Melvin Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01162
Taylor, S.J. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Taylor, Thomas Mayno Lieutenant-Commander (MARS) U-73110; O-72203
Taylor, W.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73125
Taylor, William Edward Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73120
Teachman, Edward Yates Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-73175
Teahan, J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73200
Teahan, M.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73200
Tease, James A. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Teffaine, R.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00207
Telfer, Glen B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Telfer, R.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Telford, H.N.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-74370
Telford, H.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73300
Temlett, G.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73350
Temple, G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Temple, Robert C. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-01273
Templeman, J.A. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73370
Templeton, J. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Templin, Robert John Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Tennant, Bruce D. Lieutenant-Commander (MARS) (nk)
Tennant, I.C.N. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73400
Tessier, M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73490
Tessier, R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Testa, R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73500
Tetreault, A.J.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73525
Thackray, A.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thain, Christopher Edwin Commander (NR) (CF) U-00206; O-72489
Theriault, R.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73650
Theriault, Roland E.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73640
Thibaudeau, Y.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73715
Thibodeau, G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thibodeau, R.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73725
Thiell, C. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thivierge, A.A. Naval Cadet (E) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73727
Thom, D.C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73729
Thom, I.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00607
Thom, Kenneth J. Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-02059; O-72525
Thomas, H.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73736
Thomas, J.B. Naval Cadet (E) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73735
Thomas, John Elwyn Instructor Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-73738; O-72645
Thomas, R.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73745
Thomas, S.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73748
Thomas, Stanley George Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thomas, William Campbell Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) The Reverend Canon U-00794; O-72702
Thomashewski, W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-75150
Thompson, Arthur Newey Chaplain (Class II) (RCN(R)) U-73825; O-72753
Thompson, C.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73830
Thompson, Denny H. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thompson, E.C. Instructor Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73838
Thompson, G.H. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thompson, G.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thompson, Jack B. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Thompson, John H. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thompson, Michael Gerrard Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) U-73865; O-72875
Thompson, Murray C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73875
Thompson, P. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thompson, P.L. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00409
Thompson, T.T. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00698
Thompson, W. Grant Surgeon Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-73929; O-72938
Thompson, W.B. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73925
Thompson, W.J.P. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73933
Thomson, Christopher William C. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01165
Thomson, Denny H. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thomson, E.R. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thomson, John B. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-73940
Thorburn, Herbert James Sub-Lieutenant (E) (A/E) (RCN(R)) U-74125
Thorneloe, William Brumby Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Thornton, J. Donald Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-74200
Thornton, J.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-74205
Thrun, E.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thurston, G.R. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Thurston, Paul Arthur Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-74280

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