The Plaque Commemorating HMS Driver

by John M. MacFarlane 2017

Monument Plaque

The plaque commemorating HMS Driver and Governor Richard Blanshard (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

On the causeway at the Inner Harbour at Victoria BC there is a plaque commemorating HMS Driver.

HMS Driver

HMS Driver (Photo from the Wikipedia.)

In 1840 she was built at the RN Dockyard (Portsmouth UK). 55.0m x 11.0m x 6.4m (180’ x 36’ x 21’) steel hull. She was powered with 2–cylinder direct–acting steam engine (by Seaward & Capel) and sidewheels.

She was armed with (As built): 2 × 10–inch/42–pounder (84cwt) pivot guns; 2 × 68–pounder guns (64cwt); 2 × 42–pounder (22cwt) guns; (After 1856): 1 × 110–pdr Armstrong gun; 1 × 68–pounder (95cwt) gun; 4 × 32–pounder (42cwt) guns;

On March 11, 1850 she was berthed in Victoria Harbour to witness Richard Blanshard assume the Governorship of the newly formed Colony of Vancouver Island, and issued a seventeen–gun salute.

She was wrecked on August 3rd, 1861 on Mayaguana Island, the most easterly of the Bahamas, in the British West Indies

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