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Abbott, Ira Elmer

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Title Lieutenant (Star) (RCNR)
Official Number OFF VR-0533; VR-0293; O-1030
Birth 09/08/1891 Death (nk)
Place (nk) Place (nk)
Area (nk) Area (nk)
Country (nk) Country (nk)
He was a seaman at the time of his recruitment into the navy.
Military Service
He was appointed as a Mate RNCVR on (With seniority dated 11/02/1918). In 1918 he served in HMCS Niobe as Additional. (Transferred to RCNR). He was appointed as a Chief Skipper RCNR (With seniority dated 07/02/1925). (Transferred to Fishermen's Reserve Section 1938). He was appointed as a Skipper Lieutenant (Temp.) RCNR (With seniority dated 14/11/1942) (Later backdated to 1941). He served in HMCS Protector. He served in HMCS Beaver (In command) 1945. He served in HMCS Stadacona for HMCS Whitethroat (In command) 1945-1946. He was appointed as a Lieutenant (Star) (Temp.) RCNR (With seniority dated 14/11/1941). He served in HMCS Scotian. (He was demobilized.) (He was qualified with a Watchkeeping Certificate.)
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features
Macpherson, Ken & Ron Barrie (2002); Government of Canada The Canadian Navy List Ottawa ON;;;
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