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Allan, Hugh

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Title Flight Sub-Lieutenant (RNAS)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 26/10/1896 Death 16/07/1917
Place Montreal Place (nk)
Area QC Area (nk)
Country Canada Country (nk)
He was the only son of Sir H. Montagu Allan CVO in Montreal PQ. He was educated at Eton and McGill University.
Military Service
(He was transferred to the RNAS from the Canadian Infantry in 06/1916.) He was appointed as a Flight Sub-Lieutenant RNAS 1916. He was stationed in France in 05/1917. He was serving with 3 (Naval) Squadron RNAS. (He was killed in action on 16/07/1917 when his plane's wings folded during stunting on the Western Front.)
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown Service Aircraft Flown: Sopwith Pup;
Named Features
Hiorth, D. (1995); Grant, Scottie & Bob Murray (nd); MacFarlane, John and Robbie Hughes (1997);;
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