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Alcock, Ernest George

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Title Commissioned Boatswain (RNCVR)
Official Number VR-0484; C-0347; ONC-0347; 347; 60018
Birth 15/08/1881 Death 00/00/1951
Place Walton Place (nk)
Area Norfolk Area (nk)
Country UK Country (nk)
He served with the Fisheries Service of Canada in CGS Galiano as Chief Officer. He was married to Janey Alcock and the father of Robert H. Alcock and Philip V. Alcock, Victoria BC.
Military Service
He joined the Royal Navy as a Boy Seaman (Second Class) RN in 1897. He was appointed as an Able-Seaman RN. (Transferred to RCN). He was appointed as a Leading Seaman RCN 1910. (CFR). He was appointed as a Mate RNCVR (With seniority dated 15/12/1917). In 1917 he served in HMCS Galiano. He was appointed as a Commissioned Boatswain RCNVR 1919c. (He was demobilized.)
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features
Government of Canada The Canadian Navy List Ottawa ON;; Personal Email Correspondence (Glen R. Hodgins - John MacFarlane November 2, 2013);
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