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Barclay, Robert Heriot

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He entered the Royal Navy in 1798, aged 11. He was appointed as a Lieutenant RN 1805.He took part in the Battle of Trafalgar aboard HMS Swiftsure. He was subsequently appointed the second Lieutenant of the frigate HMS Diana, serving in the English Channel. He was detached on the North American Station to act as a "Captain of Corvette". In November 1809 he lost his left arm while leading a boarding attack on a French convoy. He was appointed as a Captain RN. He was appointed as a Commodore (RN) 1813. On 10/09/1813 he surrendered to Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry USN after the Battle of Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie. (Barclay himself was severely wounded in his right arm.) Barclay was court-martialled. He appeared before the court with one leg and his surviving arm swathed in bandages. The court exonerated him, stating "the Judgement and Gallantry of Captain Barclay . . . were highly conspicuous and entitled him to the highest Praise”. His promotion to Commander was confirmed in November that year. He commanded a Bomb Vessel 1822-24. (Reverted to rank of Captain RN.) He saw no further active service.
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