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Bayfield, Henry Wolsey

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Title Admiral (RN)
Official Number
Birth 21/01/1795 Death 10/02/1885
Place Kingston upon Hull Place Charlottetown
Area Yorkshire Area PE
Country UK Country Canada
He lived at Québec 1827-41, and at Charlottetown PEI 1841-85. He surveyed Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Straits of Belle Isle, the Coast of Labrador, PEI, Nova Scotia and Sable Island. He produced the sailing instructions for the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Nova Scotia.
Military Service
He was appointed as a Supernumerary Volunteer RN (With seniority dated 01/01/1806) serving in H.M.S. Pompee in 1806. He served in H.M.S. Queen in 1806. He was appointed as a H.M.S. Duchess of Bedford in 1806. He was appointed as a First Class Volunteer RN (With seniority dated 29/09/1806). He served in H.M.S. Beagle 1806, He was appointed as a Midshipman RN (With seniority dated 01/04/1811). He served in H.M.S. Wanderer in 1811. He was appointed as a Master's Mate RN in 1814. He was appointed as a Lieutenant RN (With seniority dated 01/03/1815). He served in Canada for the War of 1812 and assisted Captain (later Vice-Admiral) W.F. Owen in a survey of Lake Ontario the Upper St. Lawrence and HMCS Niagara River. He served in H.M.S. Prince Regent (stationed at Kingston) in 1816. He was the Admiralty Surveyor in British North America Service (and participated in the further survey of Lake Ontario and the upper St. Lawrence in 1816. He was placed in charge of the survey of the Great Lakes (1817-25) on 01/06/1817. He was appointed as a Commander RN (With seniority dated 01/11/1826). He served as Superintendent of the St. Lawrence Survey 1827. He surveyed the north shore of St. Lawwrence 1827-41. He served in H.M.S. Hussar as Supernumary Commander in 1830. He was appointed as a Captain RN (With seniority dated 01/06/1834). He surveyed the coasts of PEI and Nova Scotia 1841-52. (He was retired in 1856.) He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral (Retired) RN (With seniority dated 21/10/1856). He was appointed as a Vice-Admiral (Retired) RN (With seniority dated 27/04/1863). He was appointed as a Admiral (Retired) RN (With seniority dated 18/10/1867). (He received a medal for the destruction of shipping in the Basque Roads.)
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
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