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Bedout, Jacques

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Title Rear-Admiral (Royal French Navy)
Official Number (na)
Birth 13/01/1751 Death 17/04/1818
Place Quebec Place Pauillac
Area Area
Country New France Country France
Before his naval service he served in merchant ships in 1763; by 1776 he had completed 16 voyages to America, England, the West Indies, and France, and along the Guinea coast. In this way he got to know the seas and rose in the merchant marine, becoming second mate in 1768, first mate in 1770, and captain in 1772.
Military Service
He was appointed as a Sub-Lieutenant (RFN) (With seniority dated 25/01/177). He served in the Coursier 1777. He joined the rebels and served in the privateer Defense (In command under the American flag) 1777. He served in the privateer Congres (In command) 1777. he fought two British ships off the entrance to Chesapeake Bay on 14 Feb. 1778. After three hours of combat he had to strike his flag; taken prisoner to New York City, he escaped to embark as second in command on board the American frigate Vengeance, in which he returned to France. (He rejoined the Royal French Navy). (he fought in the battle in which the Comte de Grasse's squadron repulsed the British forces under Rear-Admiral Thomas Graves and brought on the capitulation at Yorktown, Va, thus assuring the victory of the rebels and the independence of the American colonies.) He was appointed as a Capitaine de Fregate (Lieutenant-Commander) (FN) (With seniority dated 01/05/1792). He was appointed as a Captain (FN) (With seniority dated 27/08/1793). He served in the Terrible (In command) 1793. He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral (FN) (With seniority dated 12/04/1798).In 1799 he commanded the Second Squadron under Admiral Eustache Bruix (Flag in Republicain). He was appointed as a Squadron Commander (Flag in Argonaute) 1802. (He was retired 01/01/1816).
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