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Belcher, Edward

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Title Admiral (RN)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 00/00/1799 Death 18/03/1877
Place Halifax Place (nk)
Area Area (nk)
Country Nova Scotia Country (nk)
Honours Kt. KCB. Polar Medal.
Awards FRGS.
He was the son of Andrew Belcher of Halifax and the grandson of William Belcher Governor of Nova Scotia. (He was the grandson of Jonathan Belcher (Chief Justice of Nova Scotia 1754-76) and uncle of Captain Frederick Maryatt, the novelist. He was the Great Grandson of Jonathan Belcher Governor of Massachusetts New Hampshire and New Jersey. He was present at the bombardment of Algiers. He served in HMS Blossom under Captain Beechey in expedition to Bering Sea 1825. He was court martialled and acquitted for abandoning his ships in the Arctic.
Military Service
He was appointed as a First Class Volunteer RN (With seniority dated 01/04/1812). He served in H.M.S. Abercromby 1812. He was appointed as a Midshipman RN (With seniority dated 01/12/1812). He served as AdC to Captain Fahie. He served in H.M.S. Salvador Del Mundo. He served in H.M.S. Bellerophon as Flag Midshipman 1814. He served in H.M.S. Malta 1815. He was appointed as AdC to Captain Fahie and Captain Edward Brace at the Seige of Gaeta. He served in H.M.S. Superb as Signal-Midshipman 1816 (He was present for the bombardment of Algiers). He served in H.M.S. Salisbury 1817. He served in H.M.S. Sybille 1818. He was appointed as a Lieutenant RN (With seniority dated 21/07/1818). He served in H.M.S. Myrmidon 1819. He served in H.M.S. Salisbury 1821. He served in H.M.S. Blossom as Assistant Surveyor (serving with Beechey) 1825. He served in H.M.S. Southampton 1828. He was appointed as a Commander RN (With seniority dated 16/03/1829). He served in H.M.S. Aetna (In command) for Survey Duties on Coast of Africa 1829. He served in H.M.S. Douro (In command) 1832. He served in H.M.S. Lightning 1833. He served in H.M.S. Canon 1835. He served in H.M.S. Terror 1836. He served in H.M.S. Sulphur (In command) 1836. He served in H.M.S. Carron. He served in H.M.S. Sulphur 1836 on Pacific coast of North and South America and at HMCS Nootka in 1839. He served in H.M.S. Echo. He was appointed as a Captain RN (With seniority dated 06/05/1841). He served in H.M.S. Samarang (In command) 1842. He served in H.M.S. Assistance (In command) and Commanding Officer of Expedition Searching For Franklin 1852. (He searched for Franklin during an expedition 1852-54 as senior officer of a group of five vessels: Assistance under his command, HMS Resolute under Kellett, HMS Pioneer a steamer under Commander Sherard Osborn, HMS Intrepid under Commander F.L. M'Clintock and HMS North Star as depot and stores ship.) He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral RN (With seniority dated 01/02/1861). He was appointed as a Vice-Admiral RN (With seniority dated 02/04/1866). He was appointed as a Admiral RN (With seniority dated 20/10/1872). (He was retired on 20/10/1872.)
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features Belcher Point (BC); Belcher Point (north coast North Devon); Mount Belcher (BC); Belcher Islands (NU); Belcher Channel (between Grinnell Land and North Cornwall);
He was the author of "A Treatise on Marine Surveying"; "Narrative of a Voyage Round the World in HMS Sulphur"; "Narrative of the Voyage of HMS Samarang", "The Last of the Arctic Voyages".
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