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Blakely, Robert R.

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Title Commodore (NR) (CF)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 04/05/1950 Death (nk)
Place Edmonton Place (nk)
Area AB Area (nk)
Country Canada Country (nk)
Awards QC; LLD (Memorial University (2008);
Qualifications LLB; CHRP;
In his civillian career he was qualified as a journeyman plumber and pipefitter. earned a law degree from the University of Alberta and was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1978. He is credentialed as a Certified Human Resources Professional by the Human Resources Institute of Alberta. In 1991 he was a Labour Relations specialist and Partner with Blakely & Dushenski in Edmonton AB. He is the Director of Canadian Affairs for the Building & Construction Trades Department of the AFL-CIO.
Military Service
He started as a NLC Cadet then as a RCSC Cadet in Edmonton AB. He served in NLCC Warrior. He joined the CIL in February 1970 as a Sub-Lieutenant (CIL) (With seniority dated 02/02/1970). (He transferred to the Primary Reserve) He served in HMCS Nonsuch for ROUTP 1974. He served in HMCS Nonsuch as a Bridge Watchkeeping Officer 1974. He was appointed as a Lieutenant (N) (With seniority dated 01/01/1979). He served in HMCS Nonsuch in various capacities as Deck Officer, Recruiting Officer, Operations Officer and Administration Officer. He served in Staff Training Canadian Forces Staff School 1983. He was appointed as a Lieutenant-Commander (With seniority dated 01/01/1984). He served in Canadian Forces College for Reserve Staff College 1989. He served in Minor warship commands at sea, HMC Ships Porte De La Reine, Porte Dauphine and Porte Québec 1990 -1996. He served in HMCS Nonsuch as Executive Officer 1987. He was appointed as a Commander (With seniority dated 01/01/1991). He served in NATO Defence College 1991. He served in HMCS Nonsuch in command 1993. He was appointed as Commander Northern British Columbia Coastal Defence sub-regional district 1996. He was appointed as a Captain (N) (With seniority dated 01/07/1997). He served in Naval Reserve Central Region Coordinator 1999. He served in Canadian Forces Command and Staff College as Directing Staff and Director for JRCSC 2000 - 2004. He was appointed as a Commodore (With seniority dated 01/07/2004). He served in NAVRESHQ as Commander Naval Reserves 2004. (Transferred to the Supplementary Holding Reserve 2007). (He retired 04/05/2010.) (He was qualified with a Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate and qualified for Minor War Vessel Command).
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features
He led the team that developed the Distance Learning Command & Staff Program used for senior Canadian and Allied Naval Officers.
Link (Vol. 6 No. 4. December 1999); Bill Clearihue (Nominal List UNTD);
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