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Brock, Jeffry Vanstone

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Title Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Official Number O-8900
Birth 29/08/1913 Death 05/01/1997
Place Vancouver Place Kingston
Area BC Area ON
Country Canada Country Canada
Honours DSO. DSC. M.I.D. Officer Legion of Merit (USA)
Qualifications psc.
He began his career with business associations with Great West Life Assurance Co. and Cockfield Brown Co. (Western Mgr.). He later ran unsuccessfully as Progressive-Conservative Party candidate for the riding of Nanaimo Cowichan and the Islands in the general election of 1968.
Military Service
He was appointed as a Sub-Lieutenant RCNVR 1934. He served in the Winnipeg Division RCNVR as First Lieutenant 1934. He was appointed as an A/Lieutenant RCNVR (With seniority dated 20/02/1936). He served as Commanding Officer Vancouver Division RCNVR HQ 1936. He was appointed as a Lieutenant RCNVR (With seniority dated 20/02/1936). (He was mobilized for World War Two service) 01/09/1939. He served as Staff Signals Officer to Flag Officer Pacific Coast 1939. He served in HMS King Alfred 1940. He served in H.M.S. Berkshire as First Lieutenant 1940. He was appointed as an A/Lieutenant-Commander (Temp.) RCNVR (With seniority dated 01/07/1941). He served in H.M.S. Kirkella (In command). He served in H.M.S. Ranunculus (In command). He served in H.M.S. Stonecrop (In command). He served in H.M.S. Bazely (In command) 1942. He was appointed as a Lieutenant-Commander RCNVR (With seniority dated 01/01/1943). He served as Spare Escort Commander Western Approaches. He was appointed as a Commander (Temp.) RCNVR (With seniority dated 01/07/1944). He served as Senior Officer 6th Canadian Escort Group 1945. He served as Senior Officer Western Naval Reserve Divisions 1945. (Transferred to RCN 1946). He was appointed as a Commander RCN (With seniority dated 01/07/1944). He served in HMCS Ontario (In command) 1946. He served in HMCS Ontario as Executive Officer 1947. He served in RCAF Staff College course 1947). He served in NHQ as Member of the Joint Planning Staff (Naval) 1948). He served in NHQ as Director Naval Plans and Operations 1948. He was appointed as a Captain RCN (With seniority dated 01/01/1950). He served as Captain (D) West Coast Canadian Destroyer Flotilla 1950. He served in HMCS Cayuga (In command) and Commander Canadian Destroyers Far East for Korean War Service 1950. He served as Naval Member of Directing Staff National Defence College of Canada 1951. He served in HMCS Niobe as Naval Member Canadian Joint Staff London UK and as Canadian Member to Military Agency for Standardization 1954. He was appointed as a Commodore RCN (With seniority dated 03/01/1957). He served as Senior Canadian Officer Afloat Atlantic 1957). He served in NHQ as Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Air and Warfare) and Member of the Naval Board of Canada 1958. He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral RCN (With seniority dated 01/02/1961). He served in NHQ as Vice Chief of Naval Staff 1961. He served as Member of Canada US Permanent Joint Board on Defence 1961. He served as Flag Officer Atlantic Coast and Maritime Commander Atlantic and Commander NATO Atlantic Sub Area 1963. (He was retired prematurely 01/11/1964 by the Minister of National Defence 01/06/1965 during the unification of the three armed services.) (He was awarded the DSO 22/12/1951 "for courage, initiative and vigorous leadership during the evacuation of Chinnampo 05/12/1950." He was awarded the DSC 04/06/1946 "for outstanding services in Anti U-Boat operations.") (He was qualified with a Watchkeeping Certificate.) (He was qualified for gunnery duties.) (He was qualified for signals duties.)
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features Brock Place (Esquimalt BC) (It was renamed to Hithergreen Place in 1955);
Government of Canada The Canadian Navy List Ottawa ON; MacFarlane, John M. (1994); Robinson, Sherri K. (1995);
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