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Bucknam, Ransford D.

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Title Pasha Admiral (Turkish Navy)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 07/06/1869 Death 27/05/1915
Place Halls Harbour Place Constantinople
Area Kings Co. Area
Country Nova Scotia Country Turkey
Honours Order of Osmanieh (Turkey);
He was born in Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia and lived there until his parents both died suddenly when he was eight. He then moved with his paternal grandparents to Eatonville, Nova Scotia. He went to sea in 1881. He served as Superintendent of the whaleback fleet on the Atlantic coast. He reached the Pacific coast in 1894. (He was qualified as a Master Mariner.) He was appointed as the Master of the City of Everett. (He was reported as one of the youngest masters on the Pacific coast.) Bucknam, was at one time marine superintendent and navigating officer for the Cramp Shipbuilding Company, of Philadelphia PA USA. He delivered the war ship Mejidieh to Constantinople arriving on July 4th, 1904. He used to be Rans Bucknam until the Sultan of Turkey saw him and took a liking to him; then he became known as Bucknam Bey, and later as Bucknam Pasha, Admiral of the Turkish fleet.
Military Service
He served in the Turkish Navy. He resigned in 1914, refusing to serve against the UK. After the Sultan was ousted Bucknam did not get on well with the young Turks, so he retired to civil life, forming the Ottoman Anglo-American Company, of New York, representing great American firms for locomotives, ships, electric power and traction and military supplies. With the outbreak of the Italian war he aided the Ottoman government by successful expeditions of blockade running to the Tripolitan coast. A young Canadian seaman, "Ransford D' Bucknam" was part of the Court of Sultan Abdul Hamid. He was Vice-Admiral of the empire, in command of the Imperial navy and of all naval construction. "Twice already he has saved the life of the Sultan, and present indications are that he will not have long to wait for a third opportunity" (The Globe, April 21, 1909).
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features Bucknam Park (Halls Harbour NS);
Wright, E.W. (ed.) (1895 reprinted 1967); New York Times May 30, 1915; New York Times November 19, 1907; The Globe, April 21, 1909; Barbara Dobbins Title: A fine place to rest : Americans in the protestant cemetery Ferikoy-Istanbul, Turkey at; The Register, Wednesday Evening, June 9, 1915;;;
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