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Cairns, Peter William

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Title Vice-Admiral (CF)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 04/10/1938 Death (nk)
Place Orillia Place (nk)
Area ON Area (nk)
Country Canada Country (nk)
Honours CMM.
Qualifications nwc.
Military Service
(Short Service Appointment). He was appointed as a Naval Cadet (SSA) RCN (With seniority dated 03/09/1956). He served in HMCS Venture (Officer Training Establishment) for Training 1956. He was appointed as a Midshipman (SSA) RCN (With seniority dated 18/07/1959). He was appointed as an A/Sub-Lieutenant (SSA) RCN (With seniority dated 01/09/1959). He served in HMCS Sioux as Navigating Officer 1960. He was appointed as a Sub-Lieutenant (SSA) RCN (With seniority dated 01/09/1960). (Selected for permanent commission). He served in HMCS Chaudiere as Navigating Officer 1962. He served in HMCS Gatineau as Navigating and Operations Officer 1963. He was appointed as a Lieutenant RCN (With seniority dated 16/10/1963). He served in H.M.S. Dolphin for Submarine Training Course 1965. He served in H.M.S. Orpheus as Navigating Officer 1965. He served in HMCS Onondaga as Electrical and Operations Officer 1967. He served in HMCS Rainbow as Executive Officer 1969. He was appointed as a Lieutenant-Commander (MARS) (With seniority dated 01/01/1970). He served in the First Canadian Submarine Squadron (Duty in HMCS Okanagan) 1971. He served in H.M.S. Dolphin for Commanding Officer's Qualifying Course 1971. He served in HMCS Onondaga (In command) 1972. He was appointed as a Commander (MARS) (With seniority dated 01/07/1974). He served as the Commander First Canadian Submarine Squadron 1974. He served in US Naval War College Course Newport RI 1975. He served in HMCS Fraser (II) (In command) 1976-77. He served in HMCS Margaree (II) (In command) 1977-78. He served in HMCS Assiniboine (II) (In command) 1978. He served as Deputy Commandant Canadian Forces Fleet School Halifax 1978. He was appointed as a Captain (MARS) (With seniority dated 01/01/1979). He served in MARCOM HQ as CPTO 1979. He served as Commandant Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare School 1979. He served as Commander Fifth Canadian Destroyer Squadron 1981. He served in NDHQ as Chief of Personnel Careers (Officers and Senior Appointments) 1983. He was appointed as a Commodore (With seniority dated 21/06/1985). He served in NDHQ as Director General Personnel Careers (Officers) 1985. He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral (With seniority dated 05/06/1987). He served as Deputy Chief of Staff (Operations) to Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic 1987. He served in MARPAC HQ as Commander Maritime Forces Pacific 1989. He was appointed as a Vice-Admiral (With seniority dated 01/07/1992). He served in MARCOM HQ as Commander Maritime Command 1992. (He was retired in 1994.)
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features
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