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Dorrance, John Howard

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Title Instructor Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R))
Official Number U-21330
Birth 15/05/1935 Death 05/05/2009
Place Montreal Place Victoria
Area QC Area BC
Country Canada Country Canada
He served as a Sea Cadet officer. As a student he worked for Frontier College laying CPR rails across Canada by day, and in the evenings teaching literacy skills to immigrants from all cultural and ethnic groups. After acquiring a B.A., in history from Sir George Williams University, he obtained a Master of Education in Administration at McGill at the beginning of his 24 year career as elementary-school principal. He retired to Victoria in 1991 from Montreal.
Military Service
He was appointed as a Naval Cadet (UNTD) RCN(R) 1953. In 1953 he served in HMCS Donnacona for UNTD. He was appointed as an Instructor Sub-Lieutenant RCN(R). (He was released.)
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Aircraft Flown
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Bill Clearihue (Nominal List UNTD);;
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