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Edwards, Gordon Lewis

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Title Rear-Admiral (CF)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 25/01/1931 Death 01/03/2011
Place Medicine Hat Place Halifax
Area AB Area NS
Country Canada Country Canada
Honours CMM.
After his naval servce he joined Indal as Federal Government representative 1985. He was then appointed as a representative to the Federal Government of the Province of British Columbia as Executive Director of British Columbia Office of Industrial Development in Ottawa 1986. Retired again 01/03/1993.
Military Service
He was appointed as an Ordinary Seaman RCN (With seniority dated 18/12/1948). He served in HMCS Naden for New Entry Training 1948. He served in HMCS Stadacona for Communications Training 1949. He served in HMCS Athabaskan (Korean War Service) 1950. He served in HMCS Crusader 1951, (Short Service Appointment) 1952. He was appointed as a Midshipman (SSA) RCN (With seniority dated 01/02/1952). He served in HMCS Cornwallis for Basic Officer Training 1952. He served in HMCS Ontario for Training 1952. He was appointed as an A/Sub-Lieutenant (SSA) RCN (With seniority dated 08/03/1953). (He won the RN Fighter School Trophy at RNAS Lossiemouth in 1954.) NHQ For Special Duty on Pilot Training Course at RCAF Station Centralia 1953. He was appointed as a Sub-Lieutenant (P) (SSA) RCN (With seniority dated 08/03/1954). He served in RCAF Gimli for Jet Training 1954. He served in HMCS Shearwater for 871 Squadron 1954. He served in RNAS Lossiemouth for Flying Training 1954. He served in HMS Illustrious for Deck Landing Qualification 1954. He was appointed as a Lieutenant (P) (SSA) RCN (With seniority dated 08/04/1955). He served in HMCS Shearwater for 871 Squadron 1955. He served in HMCS Magnificent for 870 Squadron as Pilot 1955. He served in NHQ For Special Duty On Course at RCAF Station Trenton 1957. (Selected for permanent commission). He was appointed as a Lieutenant (P) RCN (With seniority dated 08/04/1955), (On Loan to USN). He served in USS Independence. He served in USS Intrepid. He served in 870 Squadron 1960. He served in HMCS St. Croix as Operations Officer 1962. He was appointed as a Lieutenant-Commander RCN (With seniority dated 08/04/1963). He served in HMCS New Waterford as Executive Officer 1963. He served in NDHQ as Staff Officer (Attack Aircraft) in Directorate of Combat Aviation and Joint Warfare 1964. He was appointed as a Commander (MARS) (With seniority dated 01/07/1966). He served in NDHQ as Section Head Naval Air Systems 1966. He served in HMCS Assiniboine (II) (In command) 1967. He served as Commander Seventh Destroyer Squadron. He served in HMCS Bras d'Or (II) (In command) 1970. He served in the NATO Defence College Course Rome 1971. He served in SACLANT HQ (Norfolk VA) as Long Range Air Warfare Objectives Officer 1973. He served in HMCS Athbaskan (III) (In command) 1974. He was appointed as a Captain (MARS) (With seniority dated 01/01/1976). He served in CFB Halifax as Commandant Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare School 1976. He served as Commander Fifth Canadian Destroyer Squadron 1977. He was appointed as a Commodore (With seniority dated 06/10/1984). He served as Commander NATO Standing Naval Force Atlantic 1978. He served in NDHQ as Director General Military Plans and Operations 1979. He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral (With seniority dated 02/03/1982). He served in NDHQ as Director General Military Plans and Operations, Commander Maritime Command Pacific 1982-84. He served in NDHQ on Secondment to Department of External Affairs as Deputy Assistant to the Cabinet Committee on Foreign Policy and Defence 1984. (He was retired on 01/01/1985.)
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown Service Aircraft Flown: Chipmunk, Harvard, Sea Fury, Vampire, Seahawk, F2H-3 Banshee, T-33, F3D-2, Expeditor, Avenger, Tracker, F11F, F9F, A4D, F4D, HTL-6)
Named Features
Government of Canada The Canadian Navy List Ottawa ON; Blatherwick, John (1992); MacFarlane, John M. (1994); MacFarlane, John and Robbie Hughes (1997);
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