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Holmes, Charles

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Title Rear-Admiral (RN)
Official Number
Birth 00/00/1711 Death 21/11/1761
Place (nk) Place (nk)
Area (nk) Area (nk)
Country (nk) Country Jamaica
His father was Henry Holmes, the Governor of the Isle of Wright. There is a memorial to him at Westminster Abby.
Military Service
He was appointed as an Ordinary Seaman RN in 1727. He was appointed as a Lieutenant RN (With seniority dated 18/06/1734). He served in H.M.S. Stromboli (fireship) (In command) in 1741. He was appointed as a Captain RN on 20/02/1742 serving in HMS Saphire (in command) and in 1743 in HMS Enterprise (in command) on the West Indies Station. He served in HMS Lennox (in command). In 1748-54 he served in "home waters." In 1755 he came to Nova Scotia in HMS Grafton participating in the taking of the Alcide and the Lys in June of 1755. In 1756 he sat on the board that court martialled Admiral Byng in the affair over Minorca. He was appointed as a Commodore RN in 1756 as Commander-in-Chief of HM Ships and Vessels in North America to the Northward of Florida (Pendant in H.M.S. Grafton) with Holburne who was to assist Lord Loudoun in the intended attack on Louisbourg in The Seven Years War. He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral of the Blue in 1758. He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral of the White RN in 1759 as the third-in-command under Admiral Saunders in the successful siege of Quebec. He was present at the naval blockade of Louisbourg. He was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief Jamaica 1760-61.
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