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Steele, Elizabeth M.

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Title Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 00/00/1963 Death (nk)
Place Aden Place (nk)
Area Area (nk)
Country Aden Country (nk)
Honours OMM;
Qualifications pcsc;
She attended Dalhousie University and received her Bachelor of Science degree. She qualified as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in October 2012. In 2016 after her naval service she continued as Chief of Staff to the Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance), Ottawa ON.
Military Service
She was appointed as an Officer Cadet (NR) 1983. She served in HMCS Scotian for Dalhousie University 1983. She was appointed as a Sub-Lieutenant (With seniority dated 1985). (Transferred to Regular Force 1986). She served in Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics for Logistics training 1986. She was appointed as a Lieutenant (N). She served in HMCS Cormorant as Supply Officer 1988. She served in MARCOM HQ. She was appointed as a Lieutenant-Commander. She served in HMCS Iroquois as Supply Officer 1991. She served in UN Transition Authority in Cambodia HQ (UNTAC HQ) as Financial Policy Officer 1993. She served in Canadian Forces Command and Staff College. She served in Joint Operations Group HQ Kingston as Joint Logistics Branch Coordinator. She was appointed as a Commander. She served in Royal Military College as Senior Staff Officer Personnel. She served in MARLANT HQ as Formation Comptroller. She served in MARLANT HQ as Formation Logistics Officer. She served in Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington DC. She was appointed as a Captain (N). She served in NDHQ as Maritime Staff Comptroller and Logistics Branch Naval Co-Adviser. She was appointed as a Commodore. She served in Canadian Operational Support Command as Commander Canadian Material Support Group. She served in NDHQ as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Materiel Group 2011. DND Treasury Board Secretariat Adviser 2013. She was appointed as a Rear-Admiral (With seniority dated 01/06/2014). She served in NDHQ ADM (Fin CS) as Chief of Staff and J8 of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) 2014. (She was retired 2016.)
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features
Fred Schmidt reports that "Her father, a Scot, Wilson Stuart, was a master mariner, and pilot. When the uprising in Aden started he took his family to Canada and joined the Canadian Coast Guard where he retired as a Capt. She has recently taken back her birth name of Stuart to honour her father."
Canada's Admirals and Commodores (3rd ed.) (2016);
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