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Stuart, Ronald Neil

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Title Commodore (MM)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 26/08/1886 Death 08/02/1954
Place Liverpool Place Charing
Area Area Kent
Country UK Country UK
Honours VC. DSO. RD. Navy Cross (USA).
His father was born in Prince Edward Island. He started his sea career in 1902 in the Kirkhill, a sailing vessel. In the third year of his apprenticeship the Kirkhill was wrecked off the Falkland Islands. Later he joined the Allan Line, and when it was taken over by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. (He was qualified as a Master Mariner.) He was the Master of the Empress of Australia. He was Master of the Princess Elaine bringing her from the builders in Scotland to Victoria BC. After the end of the war, he returned to more peaceful duties with the C.P.R., and in June, 1934, when Captain R.G. Latta, Commodore of the C.P.R. Fleet, and Commander of the Empress of Britain, retired, he was succeeded by Captain Stuart. After nearly two years in command of the Empress of Britain, Stuart relinquished that appointment to become General Superintendent of the Canadian Pacific steamships at Montreal. He was appointed London manager of the company in 1938.
Military Service
He was appointed as a Sub-Lieutenant RNR. He served in H.M.S. Parquist (In command) (Q-Ship) during World War One. It was while serving in the Q-ship Pargust in June, 1917, that his conduct won for him the Victoria Cross. He was selected by the officers and the ship's company to receive the Victoria Cross. Already he had the D.S.O., and the further great honour of the Victoria Cross which was bestowed upon him was the first time the distinction had fallen to an Anglo-Canadian in the Imperial forces. He also received the Navy Cross from the United States for the heroic assistance he gave the to the United States destroyer Cassin when she was torpedoed on October 15, 1917. The torpedo which struck the Cassin is understood to have been the first hit scored by the Germans against an American destroyer. When the Cassin was hit one sailor was killed, five were wounded, and the ship's stern was blown off, thus making it impossible for her to steer. Stuart, in command of the "Q" ship Tamarisk, with very great difficulty, and at a very great risk of having his own vessel torpedoed, got a line to the Cassin and succeeded in towing her to port. He won the Victoria Cross in 1917. He was appointed as Naval A.D.C. to the King 1941.
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