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Taffanel de la Jonquiere, Jacques-Pierre de

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Title Rear-Admiral (Royal French Navy)
Official Number (na)
Birth 18/04/1685 Death 17/03/1752
Place Chateau de Lasgraisses Place Quebec City
Area Abi Area
Country France Country New France
Titles Marquis de la Jonquiere.
Military Service
He was appointed as a Midshipman (Royal French Navy) at Toulon France on 01/09/1697. In 1698 he was present at the campaigns at Constantinople and in 1699 in the Levant, in 1701 at Cadiz and in 1702 in the Adriatic. In 1702 he served in the fireship eclair. He served in the Felucca (in command). On 01/01/1703 he was promoted to Sub-Lieutenant (Royal French Navy). In 1705 he served in the Galatee as Second Lieutenant. In 1706 he served in the Fendant. In 1707 he was promoted to Lieutenant (Royal French Navy). He served in the French naval galley Thon in 1707. In 1711 he served in the Achille as First Lieutenant. On 25/11/1712 he commanded a fireship. In 1713 he served in the Baron de la Fauche (incommand). On 20/02/1720 he was promoted to Capitaine de Fregate (Royal French Navy). In 1727 he served in Thetsi (in command). On 01/10/1731 he was promoted to Capitaine (Royal French Navy). In 1733 he served in Rubis (in command). In 1734 he served in Eole (in command). In 1738 he served in Rubis (in command). He served in the Daupin as Flag Captain to the Marquis d'Antin. He was appointed as Inspector of Colonial Regular Troops at Rochefort on 01/05/1741. He served in the Terrible as Flag Captain to Court de la Bruyere. He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral (Royal French Navy) on 01/03/1746. He served as Governor of New France 19/03/1746 - 1752. In 1746 he took command of de la Rochefoucauld's Squadron at Nova Scotia (after the attempted suicide) and brought it back to France. In 1747 he was in command of a Division of five ships (serving in the flagship Serieux) escorting a convoy of 39 ships of the Compagnie des Indes. He was engaged by Vice-Admiral Anson and captured.
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