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Truelove, William S.

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Title Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 14/07/1963 Death (nk)
Place Liverpool Place (nk)
Area NS Area (nk)
Country Canada Country (nk)
Honours CMM.
Military Service
He was appointed as an Officer Cadet (CF) 1981. He served at Royal Roads Military College. He was appointed as a Sub-Lieutenant. He served in HMCS Chaleur. He served in HMCS Fundy. He served in Saskatchewan. He served in HMCS Qu'Appelle. He was appointed as a Lieutenant (N). He served in HMCS Athabaskan as Navigation Officer and Above Water Warfare Officer. He served at the Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School as a Course Instructor and member of the Standards and Evaluation Cell. 1990. He was appointed as a Lieutenant-Commander 1992. He served in the Operations Room Officer course 1992. He served in HMCS Iroquois as Combat Officer. He served in MARCOM as Senior Staff Officer Above Water Warfare 1995. He served in HMCS Chaleur (In command) 1997. He was appointed as a Commander 1998. He served in HMCS Preserver as Executive Officer 1998. He served in HMCS Regina (In command) for Operation Apollo (Persina Gulf service). 2000. He served as Commander of the Naval Officer Training Center 2003. He was appointed as a Captain (N) 2004. He served in Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island in the Naval Command College 2005. He served as Canadian Forces Naval Attache in Washington DC 2005. He served in Command of Maritime Operations Group Four in Esquimalt 2006. He served in NDHQ as Special Assistant to the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff 2006. He served in NDHQ as Special Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff 2008. He was appointed as a Commodore (CF) 2009. He served as Commandant Royal Military College of Canada 2009. In 2010 he was appointed as the Deputy DCOS in the Strategic Communications Directorate at ISAF HQ in Kabul Afghanistan. He was promoted to Rear-Admiral RCN (Promoted 28/05/2012). He was appointed as Commander Maritime Forces Pacific and Commander Joint Task Force Pacific 2012. He was appointed as Commander Canadian Defence Liaison Staff Washington DC and the Canadian Forces Attaché 2015
Vessels Owned
Aircraft Flown
Named Features
References; Canada's Admirals and Commodores (3rd ed.) 2016;
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