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Wallis, Provo William Parry

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Title Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 12/04/1791 Death 00/00/1892
Place Halifax Place Funtington
Area Area
Country Nova Scotia Country UK
Honours GCB. Commander of the Legion of Honour (France). Order of Medjidie (2nd Class) (Turkey)
He was the son of Provo Featherstone Wallis, Clerk to the Master Shipwright at the Halifax Dockyard. It is thought that he had the longest continuous service of any officer in the history of the Royal navy.
Military Service
He served in H.M.S. Cleopatra (32 gun Brig under Captain Sir Robert Laurie) 1804. While in HMS Cleopatra he was captured by French Frigate Ville de Milan in 1805 and recaptured by H.M.S. Leander (50 guns) shortly thereafter. He served in H.M.S. Ville de Milan (under Captain Sir Robert Laurie) 1805. He was appointed as an A/Lieutenant RN 1806. He served in H.M.S. Triumph (under Captain Sir Thomas M. Hardy) 1806. He was appointed as a Lieutenant RN (With seniority dated 30/11/1808). As a Lieutenant he cut out a vessel in St. Ann's Bay in 1810 and was subsequently wrecked in the Curieux on the coast of Guadaloupe. He served in H.M.S. Curieux (Brig) 1808. He served in H.M.S. Gloire. (He was present at the Battle of Guadaloupe 1810. He received a medal for his actions at the capture of Guadaluope 1810.) As a Lieutenant in HMS Gloire he was present at the destruction of two French 44-gun frigates at Ause La Barque and the batteries protecting them. He served in HMS Shannon 1812 (Frigate under Captain Sir Philip B. V. Broke). He served in HMS Shannon (In command) 1813. He was appointed as a Commander RN (With seniority dated 09/07/1813). He served in HMS Snipe (Sloop) 1814. He was appointed as a Captain RN (With seniority dated 12/08/1819). He served in H.M.S. Nieman (In command and commander of an experimental squadron of sloops on the Halifax Station). He served in H.M.S. Madagascar (In command) (West Indies Station) 1838 and for service in Vera Cruz during the French War 1838-9. He served in H.M.S. Warspite (In command) 1843-6 (Mediterranean Station). (He participated in the French Expedition to Mogador in 1844 and received thanks of Governments of UK and France). (He served in Syria during the Civil War of 1845 (war medal and 3 clasps)). He was appointed as a Naval AdC to Queen Victoria 1847-51. He was appointed as a Rear-Admiral RN 1851. He was appointed as a Vice-Admiral RN (With seniority dated 10/09/1857). He served in H.M.S. Cumberland (as his flagship while Commander-in-Chief Southeast Coast of South America) 1857. He was appointed as an Admiral RN (With seniority dated 02/03/1863). He was appointed as a Rear Admiral of the United Kingdom 1869-70. He was appointed as a Vice-Admiral of the United Kingdom 1870-76. He was appointed as a Admiral-of-the-Fleet (With seniority dated 11/12/1877). (He served 54 years of active service with last service afloat in 1857. Under Childer's Retirement Scheme he received full pay until his death as a surviving officer who had commanded a ship during the Napoleanic Wars.)
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