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Wood, M.D.

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Title Commodore (RCN)
Official Number (nk)
Birth 20/12/1964 Death (nk)
Place Port Arthur Place (nk)
Area ON Area (nk)
Country Canada Country (nk)
Qualifications pcsc; rcds;
Military Service
He was appointed as an Ordinary Seaman serving in HMCS Griffon 1982. (CFR) He was appointed as an Officer Cadet (With seniority dated 10/07/1983). He served in Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School Chilliwack for basic officer training 1983. He served in Royal Military College of Canada 1983. He was appointed as an A/Sub-Lieutenant (With seniority dated 01/05/1987). He served in Venture (Naval Officers Training Centre) for training 1987. He served in HMCS Yukon for training 1987. He served in HMCS Gatineau for training 1988. He was appointed as a Sub-Lieutenant (With seniority dated 01/05/1988). He served in University College London UK for post graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture 1989. He was appointed as a Lieutenant (N) (With seniority dated 01/01/1990). NDHQ Directorate of Naval Architecture and Specialty Engineering as the Fleet Stability Officer 1990. NDHQ Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel Project as the Project Naval Architect 1992. He was appointed as a Lieutenant-Commander (With seniority dated 01/01/1995). He served in NDHQ Directorate of Ship Engineering as Sub-Section Head Materials 1995. He served in Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton as the Naval Architect Officer 1996. He served in NDHQ Maritime Helicopter Project as the Ship Systems Integration Manager 2000. He served in Canadian Forces Command and Staff College 2001. He was appointed as a Commander (With seniority dated 01/01/2002). He served in MARLANTHQ as the Deputy Chief of Staff-Formation Technical Authority 2002. He served in NDHQ Directorate Maritime Ship Support as Section Head of Ship Systems Engineering 2005. He served in Canadian Forces Language School for French language training 2007. He was appointed as a Captain (N) (With seniority dated 01/01/2008). He served in NDHQ Director-General Maritime Equipment Program Management as Chief of Staff 2008. He served in Royal College of Defence Studies United Kingdom 2011. He was appointed as Commanding Officer Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott 2012. He was appointed as a Commodore (With seniority dated 01/12/2013). He served in NDHQ ADM (Materiel) as Project Manager Canadian Surface Combatant 2013.
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Aircraft Flown
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Canada's Admirals and Commodores (3rd ed.) (2016);
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