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Registry #1 318541 Registry #2 Registry #3
Name 1 1963 Ready (C.C.G.C.) Name 5
Name 2 1991 502 Name 6
Name 3 Name 7
Name 4 Name 8
Year Built 1963 Place North Vancouver Area BC Country Canada
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp) 95.2' x 20' x 6.5'
Builder Burrard Drydock Co. Ltd. Measurement (metric) 27.61m x 6.10m x 3.29m
Hull Steel Displacement
Gross Tonnage 138.93 Type 1 Patrol vessel
Registered Tonnage 33.65 Type 2
Engine 4 diesel engines (total 2400bhp - 20 knots) Engine Manufacture Cummins Engine Co., Columbus IL USA
Repower 2-741bhp diesel engines (2004c) Propulsion Twin Screw
Rebuilds Call Sign
Pendant  # Masters
In 1963-1992 she was owned by the Minister of Transport, Ottawa ON. In 1993-2017 she was owned by Gari Pickle Manufacturing Ltd., Surrey BC.
Fate Afloat in 2017 Date
Named Features
Significance of Name
Len Burton (British Columbia Nautical History Facebook Group 14/05/2015) stated: "The Ready went over an over fall half way down Griffin Passage tearing the propeller shafts right out of the gearboxes. When it was realized a bit too late, the main engines were thrown full astern sucking the stern dowh and destroying both props, shafts and gearboxes.Quick action by deckhands Pete Moody and Vic Rowe swung the hyab crane in the other direction and she went over about a four foot drop. She drifted until her anchor caught bottom. She sat there for a week until discouvered by someone from fisheries checking out the salmon. The CCG McKenzie towed her home to Victoria for repairs that took a few months. John Glover was the Master."
Moore, Captain John (1983)
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