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Registry #1 C03114BC Registry #2 13K96904 Registry #3
IMO# MMSI# VRN# 29141
Name 1 (nk) C03114BC Name 5
Name 2 Name 6
Name 3 Name 7
Name 4 Name 8
Year Built (nk) Place (nk) Area BC Country Canada
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp)
Builder Yamanaka Boat Works Ltd. Measurement (metric) 9.75m x 3.50m x 0.91m
Hull Glass Reinforced Plastic Displacement
Gross Tonnage 14.15 Type 1 Fishboat, general
Registered Tonnage Type 2
Engine 230hp diesel engine Engine Manufacture
Repower Propulsion Twin Screw
Rebuilds Call Sign
Pendant  # Masters
In 2010 she was owned by Dawn Marie Fishing Co. Ltd. In 2017-2018 she was owned by Douglas Kemp, Port Hardy BC.
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