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Gilley No. 21

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Registry #1 150763 Registry #2 Registry #3
Name 1 1922 McB. No. IV Name 5
Name 2 1940 Gilley No. 21 Name 6
Name 3 1942 M.650 Gilley No. 21 Name 7
Name 4 1944 Gilley No. 21 Name 8
Year Built 1922 Place Vancouver Area BC Country Canada
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp) 92.0' x 34.0' x 8.5'
Builder Moscrop, Arthur Measurement (metric)
Hull Wood Displacement
Gross Tonnage 223 Type 1 Scow, general purpose
Registered Tonnage 223 Type 2
Engine Engine Manufacture
Repower Propulsion Non-powered
Rebuilds Call Sign
Pendant  # Masters
In 1931 she was owned by Thomas G. McBride and Thomas Furnell, Vancouver BC. In 1943 she was chartered by the Royal Canadian Air Force. In 1944 she was returned to her owners. In 1940-1958 she was owned by Gilley Brothers Ltd., New Westminster BC. In 1959-1961 she was owned by Evans Coleman & Evans Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1962-1971 she was owned by H. Bell-Irving & Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1971 she was sold to British Columbia Packers, Ltd., Richmond, BC. In 1973-1988 she was owned by Kaye Logging Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC.
Fate Registry closed Date 1988-03-29
Named Features
Significance of Name
Canada List of Shipping; RG12 Reel 11582 (Gilley No. 21) RG12 Volume 791 File 9015-G16 REQUISITIONING OF SHIPS - WAR MEASURES - 'GILLEY 21' ; Bryon Taylor (Email to Nauticapedia 17/07/2018);
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