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Registry #1 811213 Registry #2 Registry #3
IMO# MMSI# VRN# 29518
Name 1 1988 Royal Pride Name 5
Name 2 Name 6
Name 3 Name 7
Name 4 Name 8
Year Built 1988 Place Vancouver Area BC Country Canada
Designer (nk) Measurement (imp)
Builder Rivtow Straits Ltd. Measurement (metric) 16.73m x 6.40m x 2.71m
Hull Steel Displacement
Gross Tonnage 88.29 Type 1 Fishboat, general
Registered Tonnage 25.61 Type 2
Engine 402bhp diesel engine (1988) Engine Manufacture
Repower Propulsion Screw
Rebuilds Call Sign
Pendant  # Masters
In 1993 she was owned by J.S. McMillan Fisheries Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 2003 she was owned by Seaforth Industries Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 2011-2013 she was owned by Emerald Sea Trading Ltd., Prince Rupert BC and D. Malcolm Fishing Ltd., Madeira Park BC. In 2016-2018 she was owned by D. Malcolm Fishing Ltd., West Vancouver BC.
Fate Afloat in 2018 Date
Named Features
Significance of Name
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada states that "In the evening of 14 February 1994, in heavy weather conditions, the skipper of the "Gypsy Lass" was unable to restart the main engine after stopping for a precautionary change of fuel filters before entering Edith Harbour, British Columbia. Another fishing vessel, the "Royal Pride", was called for assistance, but the "Gypsy Lass", which had been carried into shoal water, grounded a short time after the "ROYAL PRIDE" arrived on the scene. While standing by, the "ROYAL PRIDE" was subsequently disabled by kelp fouling her Kort nozzle and she also grounded. The Fast Rescue Craft "Point Henry No. 2" which came to their assistance was swamped while attempting to rescue the crew of the "Royal Pride" and was beached. The crews of the three vessels were rescued by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter. The Board determined that, while close inshore in adverse environmental conditions, the "Gypsy Lass" grounded after her main engine failed to restart because no measures had been taken in anticipation of the main engine not restarting. The "Royal Pride" grounded because she entered an area of heavy seaweed and lost propulsion when kelp was drawn into her Kort nozzle. The Fast Rescue Craft "Point Henry No. 2" was swamped while attempting to manoeuvre to effect a rescue in adverse operating conditions. "
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