Alberta Ferries

Compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2012

Name Built ON
Bleriot Ferry 1997 (Empire Iron Works Ltd., Edmonton AB) ON 825162 Cable reaction ferry.
Crowfoot Ferry 1992 (Scott Steel Ltd., Edmonton AB) ON 825160 Cable reaction ferry.
Finnegan Ferry 2001 (Scott Steel Ltd., Edmonton AB) ON 825159 Cable reaction ferry.
Klondyke Ferry 1983 (Scott Steel Ltd., Edmonton AB) ON 825163 Cable reaction ferry.
LaCrete Ferry 1987 (Scott Steel Ltd., Edmonton AB) ON 825165 Cable reaction ferry.
Rosevear Ferry 1969 (Riverton Boat Works Ltd., Riverton AB) ON 828755 Cable reaction ferry.
Shaftsbury Ferry 1962 (Builder nk) ON 828753 Vehicle Barge towed by Shaftsbury Tug
Shaftsbury Tug 1962 (Builder nk) ON 828754 Tug towing Shaftsbury Ferry

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