British Columbia Heritage Articles

Here are interesting articles on wider British Columbia heritage themes that delve into a range of topics in some detail.

Major MacFarlane & the Malahat

MacFarlane’s Folly: The Building of the Malahat Highway on Vancouver Island

Before there was a highway over the Malahat Highway on Vancouver Island it was a huge obstacle to transportation and economic development. Its construction is an epic story that extends over decades. Now that its built it presents even more challeges as its danagers threaten to over shadow its successes.The story of Major James Francis Lenox MacFarlane's campaign to have it constructed helps to frame an understaning of the political and engineering challenges faced today.

Major MacFarlane’s Version of the Locating of the Route of the Malahat Highway

A letter to the editor by Major MacFarlane sets the story straight on the creation of the Malahat.

BC Coast Stories

Caretaker of Twin Islands Lodge – A Retreat for Royalty and Celebrities in the Strait of Georgia Twin Islands

21/11/2018 Shirley Whitehouse spent six years, from 1958–1964, on Twin Islands at the northern end of Georgia Strait where she and her then-husband George Lott were caretakers and hosts of a magnificent log lodge – Twin Islands Lodge – frequented by well–known royal and celebrity guests.

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The Nauticapedia List of British Columbia's Floating Heritage Volume Four

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