Canadians With Naval Career Origins Holding Ranks Equivalent to Naval Flag Officers

by John M. MacFarlane 2011 (updated 2015)

A number of Canadian naval personnel attained high rank in other military services and were the equivalent of naval Admirals and Commodores. This includes anyone who served in the Canadian Navy and later attained the equivalent of Flag rank. These are Canadian naval officers who transferred to other armed services or agencies and attained ranks equivalent to that of Flag rank. This list also includes persons holding commissions as Vice–Admirals in what is now Canada who were not naval personnel. A number of officers started their careers as naval aviators before transferring to the Air Force. This is the definitive list.

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Name Title
Ashley, Larry Albert Lieutenant-General (CF)
Blanshard, Richard His Excellency Sir (Vice-Admiral of Vancouver Island)
Bowen, Barry Douglas Brigadier-General (PLT)
Brand, Eric Sydney Honorary Commodore (CCG)
Breadner, Lloyd Samuel Air Chief Marshall (RCAF)
Carter, Alfred William Air Marshall (RAF)
Clay, Wendy Arlene Major-General (CF)
Collishaw, Raymond Air Marshall (RAF)
Cowley, Arthur Thomas Noel Air Vice Marshall (RCAF)
Curleigh, Colin Abbott McDonald Brigadier-General (PLT)
Curtis, Wilfred Austin Air Marshall (RCAF)
Douglas, James His Excellency Sir (Vice-Admiral of Vancouver Island)
Edwards, Harold Air Marshall (RCAF)
Falkingham, Edward Captain (RN)
Fox, James Arthur Lieutenant-General (CF)
Giles, John Russell Air Commodore (RAF)
Gray, Donald Melville Major-General (Military Engineering)
Hopson, Peregrine Thomas Vice-Admiral of Nova Scotia
Horseman, Brock Curtis Major-General (PLT)
Hughes, Robin Laughlin Brigadier-General (AR)
Kennedy, Arthur Edward His Excellency Sir (Vice-Admiral of Vancouver Island)
Kerby, Harold Spencer Air Vice-Marshal (RAF)
Leckie, Robert Air Marshall (RCAF)
Livingston, Phillip Clermont Air Marshal (RAF)
MacIsaac, Michael Patrick Chaplain of the Fleet (RCN)
MacLeod, Earl L. Air Commodore (RCAF)
Mayall, M.J.D. Commodore (MM)
McGill, Frank Ssholes Air Vice-Marshall (RCAF)
McGowan, Stewart Edwin Brigadier-General (PLT)
Moss, Margaret Johnstone Assistant Commandant (WRNS)
Mulock, Redford Henry Air Commodore (RCAF)
Munro, Daniel Edward Brigadier-General (PLT)
Neligan, Charles Leo Chaplain of the Fleet (RC) (RCN)
Oxholm, Bendt Alexander O'Neil Brigadier-General (PLT)
Rankin, Archibald James Air Commodore (RAF)
Robinson, Harold C. Brigadier-General (MED)
Rohmer, Richard Heath Major-General (AR)
Russell, Arthur Herbert Keith Air Commodore (RCAF)
Shearer, Ambrose Bernice Air Vice-Marshall (RCAF)
Simmonds, Robert Commissioner (RCMP)
Stuart, Ronald Neil Commodore (MM)
Tucker, John Bracken Major-General (CF)
Veronneau, Jean Joseph Jules Brigadier-General (PLT)
Williams, John Arthur Brigadier-General (PDEV) (CF)
Winfield, G.A. Brigadier (RCAMC)

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