Admirals of the Royal Navy Who Served In or Who Were Responsible For Canada

by John M. MacFarlane 2011

The Royal Navy had the duty of defending Canada's waters prior to 1910. Admirals and Commodores of the Royal Navy have been serving in North America for several hundred years. During that time 124 of them served there. Prior to the Nineteenth Century admirals with responsibility for North Atlantic waters off what is now Canada carried various titles which corresponded to particular appointments. In 1812 it was decided to unite the seperate commands of Halifax, Jamaica and the Leeward Islands as the North America and West Indies Station. One of the bases of the North American Station was Halifax (the other one was Bermuda). The Admiral appointed to the Station was provided with an officer's residence - Admiralty House - above the Dockyard.

In the Pacific the Royal Navy had a station as a Rear-Admiral's command between 1837 and 1905. Between 1846 and 1910 there was a more or less continuous presence of British warships on the Pacific Coast. The bases of operations were at Esquimalt British Columbia and Valparaiso Chile. A Residence ashore was not provided and only three of the Admirals brought their families out to live in rented accomodations. During the first decade of the Twentieth Century Britain's naval stations were reduced as the fleet was concentrated in Home Waters. The naval bases at Halifax and Esquimalt were transferred to Canada following the creation of the Royal Canadian Navy in 1910.

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Name Title
Adam, Charles Admiral (RN)
Allgood, Adrian George Commander (RN)
Arbuthnot, Marriot Admiral (RN)
Ashe, Edward Percy Rear-Admiral (RN)
Austen, Francis William Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Baillie-Grohman, Harold Tom Vice-Admiral (RN)
Baird, John Kennedy Erskine Vice-Admiral (RN)
Baker, Rowland Constructor Commodore (RCN(R)) (Sir)
Baldwin, Augustus Warren Rear-Admiral (RN)
Barclay, Robert Heriot Commodore (RN)
Barrie, Robert Rear-Admiral (RN)
Bayfield, Henry Wolsey Admiral (RN)
Beaumont, Lewis Anthony Admiral (RN)
Bedford, Frederick George Denham Admiral (RN)
Beresford, John Poo Admiral (RN)
Berkeley, George Cranfield Admiral (RN)
Bickford, Andrew Kennedy Rear-Admiral (RN)
Bosanquet, Day Hort Admiral (RN)
Boscawen, Edward Admiral (RN)
Bridge, Cyprian Arthur George Admiral (RN)
Brock, Patrick Willet Rear-Admiral (RN)
Brown, Walter Leslie Mortimer Commodore (RN)
Bruce, Henry William Admiral (RN)
Byng, John Admiral (RN)
Byron, John Vice-Admiral (RN)
Campbell, John Vice-Admiral (RN)
Carew, Benjamin Hallowell Admiral (RN)
Clinton, George Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Cochrane, Alexander Forrester Inglis Admiral (RN)
Cochrane, Arthur Auckland Leopold Pedro Admiral (RN)
Cochrane, Thomas Admiral (RN)
Cockburn, George Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Coke, Charles Henry Admiral (RN)
Collier, George Vice-Admiral (RN)
Colville, Alexander Vice-Admiral (RN)
Commerell, John Edmund Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Corbett, Robert Gwynne Captain (RN)
Cosby, Philip Admiral (RN)
Crawford, Charles Wispington Glover Commander (RN)
Culme-Seymour, Michael Admiral (RN)
De Chair, Dudley Lawson Stratford Admiral (RN)
De Horsey, Algernon Frederick Rous Admiral (RN)
Denison, John Admiral (RN)
Denman, Joseph Vice-Admiral (RN)
Digby, Robert Admiral (RN)
Dorill, Richard Captain (RN)
Douglas, Archibald Lucius Admiral (RN)
Douglas, Charles Rear-Admiral (RN)
Douglas, James Admiral (RN)
Douglas, John Erskine Admiral (RN)
Drake, Francis William Vice-Admiral (RN)
Drummond, Edmund Rupert Vice-Admiral (RN)
Drury, Charles Carter Admiral (RN)
Duckworth, John Thomas Admiral (RN)
Duff, Robert Vice-Admiral (RN)
Durell, Philip Vice-Admiral (RN)
Edwards, Richard Admiral (RN)
Edwards, Richard Captain (RN)
Elliot, John Rear-Admiral (RN)
Elliott, John Vice-Admiral (RN)
Erskine, James Elphinstone Admiral (RN)
Fahie, William Charles Vice-Admiral (RN)
Fanshawe, Arthur Admiral (RN)
Fanshawe, Edward Gennys Admiral (RN)
Farquhar, Arthur Admiral (RN)
Fisher, John Arbuthnot Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Fulford, John Admiral (RN)
Gambier, James Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
George, Rupert Commodore (RN)
Goodenough, James Graham Commodore (RN)
Goodrich, James Edward Clifford Admiral (RN)
Gower, Erasmus Admiral (RN)
Graves, Samuel Admiral (RN)
Graves, Thomas Admiral (RN)
Griffith-Colpoys, Edward Vice-Admiral (RN)
Halkett, Peter Admiral (RN)
Hamilton, Charles Vice-Admiral (RN)
Hancock, George Rear-Admiral (RN)
Hardy, Charles Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Harvey, Thomas Vice-Admiral (RN)
Hastings, George Fowler Vice-Admiral (RN)
Hawke, Edward Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Heneage, Algernon Charles Fieschi Admiral (RN)
Hillyar, Charles Farrel Admiral (RN)
Holburne, Francis Admiral (RN)
Holloway, John Admiral (RN)
Holmes, Charles Rear-Admiral (RN)
Hood, Samuel Admiral (RN)
Hope, James Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Hopkins, John Ommanney Admiral (RN)
Hornby, Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Hornby, Phipps Admiral (RN)
Hotham, Charles Frederick Admiral (RN)
Howe, Richard Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Hughes, Richard Admiral (RN)
Hunt, Allen Thomas Commodore (RN)
Jervis, John Admiral of the Fleet (RN)
Keats, Richard Godwin Admiral (RN)
Keighley-Peach, Charles Lindsay Commodore (P) (RN)
Kekewich, Piers Keane Rear-Admiral (RN)

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