The Mission Vessels of the British Columbia and Northwest Territory Coasts

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2017

All the major Christian religions have operated Mission Boats in British Columbia waters. Their spiritual, social and medical activities have made such a huge contribution to the quality of life of the people they served that their memory looms large in the minds of coastal residents. Here is an attempt to create a nominal list of the vessels that, at some time in their careers, functioned as mission boats.

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Alan Greene 312802 Mission boat 1959
Annie H (nk) Fishboat, seiner 1918c
Anon 156820 Mission boat 1931
Ave Maria (I) 14K5591 Mission Boat 1950
Beacon 193725 Mission Boat 1946
Bob (I) (Un-registered) Work Boat 1939c
Broadcaster 151211 Mission Boat 1924
Canol Barge No. 1 193723 Barge 1943c
Carolena 061309 Schooner, trading 1874c
Che-kwa-la (nk) Yacht 1964c
Chelsea II 198078 Yacht 1956
Chiquita II 176495 Mission Boat 1932
Coast Enterprise 192058 Yacht 1946
Coastal Messenger 819001 Mission Boat 1996
Columbia (III) 126899 Mission Boat 1910
Columbia (IV) 117017 Tug 1905
Columbia (VI) 189231 Yacht, power-cruiser 1956
Columbia IV (II) 195443 Yacht 1952
Daphne (IV) (nk) Work Boat 1910c
Daphrona 131160 Yacht, power-cruiser 1912
Dawn (III) (nk) Work Boat (nk)
Day Star (I) 088365 Yacht, sail (sloop) 1883
Discovery (III) 822629 Mission Boat 1982
Doctor Rymer (nk) Mission Boat 1914
Edward White 151119 Mission Boat 1923
Eirene (nk) Work Boat 1911c
Eula B (nk) Work Boat (nk)
Evangeline 077979 Mission Boat 1881
Fern S. (nk) Work Boat 1900c
Fircum (nk) Work Boat -
Fredna 131143 Work Boat 1912
George H. Raley 179456 Work Boat 1948
Glad Tidings 088371 Mission boat 1884
Glad Tidings V 320221 Work Boat 1963
Goforth 176495 Mission Boat 1932
Gospel Light 192062 Mission boat 1949
Gospel Ship II 174037 Fishboat, general 1933
Governor Musgrave (nk) Work Boat (nk)
Guy 158894 Freighter 1933
Gwa-Yee (Un-registered) Mission Boat 1939c
Hiker III 141331 - (nk)
Homespun 122195 Tug 1907
Immaculata (I) 158895 Mission boat 1935
Immaculata (II) (nk) Mission Boat 1928
Iwyll (nk) Mission boat (nk)
John Antle (II) 153313 Patrol vessel 1926
John Antle (III) 172382 Mission Boat 1940
John Antle (IV) 198078 Yacht 1956
Kathlynn Gail 156876 Fishboat, general 1930
Kla-Quaek (nk) Misc. Non-commercial (nk)

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