Where Did the RCN Motor Launches Get To?

by Commander Fraser McKee RCN(R) 2015


HMC ML–114 (Photo from the Nauticapedia Collection.)

Q–050 Commissioned into RCN: 18 November 1941 (1940–1941 building programme) She was sold July 1945 to Marine Industries Ltd., Sorel. Then returned for resale. #176991. Sold 16 November 1945 to: Consolidated Shipbuilding Ltd., Morris Heights, N.Y., N.Y.. Then resold and renamed as Stanba I (by 1947 – Lloyd’s 1949–1950)? Owner: Standard Oil Co.(Bahamas) Ltd. Acquired for them (per Lieutenant Bill Johnston, RCNVR) from War Assets at Sorel QC. Used for offshore geomagnetic surveying in Bahamas. 3cm. radar added for positioning. Registered: Nassau, Bahamas. Engine: 2 Hall–Scott petrol Engine.

Q–051 Commissioned into RCN: 24 November 1941. Sold January 1946, Commander C.H. Hudson RCN(R), Vancouver."Tied up at Sorel"? Resold (or reacquired?) renamed as Radell II. #192751 Owner: National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa ON; until 1969 at least. Owner (1972): Ministry of the Environment (as a research vessel) Registered in Ottawa. Owner(1980): Kenneth O. Gisborne (Managing. Owner), Toronto Re–registered 26 April 1988 Owner: Drew Baird. Under restoration, at Nanticoke, ON October 2000. Still in service registered 30 November 2004 Engine: 2 Gray Marine Detroit oil engine 2009: Seen by Morin, at Nanticoke: mostly a wreck, partly sunk, desolate.

Q–052 Commissioned into RCN: 31 October 1941 January 1943: Transferred to Free French Navy as Gallantry, V.111. Returned 25 July 1945. Held in reserve. Sold July, 1945. Sold 18 October 1945 to Canadian Inter–American Associates, Montreal (with Q–063 and Q–097) Cyrius #190476 Owner (new 1948, 1st regn.: 10 October 1949 to 1950+): Joseph Cyriac Gautier, Montreal(But see also Q–063) Engine: 2 GM Detroit oil Engine Owner (1952–1965 Canada Department of Transport, 1953/1954 Lloyd’s): Rapid Steamship Co. Ltd., Montreal. Registered Montreal QC La Marie–Jo (ex–Cyrus) #190476 Owner (1969): Jean R. Desautels, Montreal, Registered Montreal Owner(1972–1980+, Lloyd’s & Canada Department of Transport): Maurice P.Fisher, Montreal, and Sackville, NB (for passengers, then for general cargo) Engines: 2 GM Corp. 1944 oil Engine Still in service – registered to 28 February 2007 to a Mr.Fisher

Q–053 Commissioned into RCN: 17 November 1941. Sold 16 November 1945 to M.I.L., Sorel, QC #178975. Then returned for resale, 1946. Sold to Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., Morris Heights, NYC, N.Y.. (About 1957?? – M-A.M.)

Q–054 Commissioned into RCN: 17 October 1941 Sold 1946. Owner: Captain E.J. Weaber, c/o M.I.L. Sorel, Que (no other records)

Q–055 Commissioned into RCN: 6 November 1941 Sold 16 November 1945 to M.I.L., Sorel, QC Returned for resale. Sold to Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., Morris Heights, NYC, N.Y.

Q–056 Commissioned into RCN: 24 November 1941. Sold 1946 to Creole Petroleum Corp, Caracas, Venezuela for $7,900. Renamed as ESSO Ayacucho Owner: Standard Oil of N.J. subsidiary, now Exxon–Mobil. Located on Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela Scrapped about 1957.

Q–057 Commissioned into RCN: 28 October 1941. Sold 1946 to M.I.L., Sorel, QC Returned for resale. Sold to Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., Morris Heights, NYC, N.Y.

Q–058 Commissioned into RCN: 24 November 1941. Sold November 1945, H.E. Griffin "and another", Toronto. KATHERINE G.? (Lloyd’s 1949-1950) #178095 Resold. Owner (1948 Canada Department of Transport): Reginald S. McDonald, Souris, PE Registered Charlottown, PE Engine: 2 Hall-Scott Motor Co., (petrol), Berkley, CA Burned, December 20, 1949.

Q–059 Commissioned into RCN: 26 May, 1942 Sold 1946 or 1947 Marine Industries Ltd., Montreal, for $3,000. On 20 December 1947 at St.Jean, Ile d’Orleans, "not in operation" Sold to J.S. Langlois, Savoy Shipping Ltd., Quebec, for $5,000. Sold Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp, NY (per Rodcoe, as 1st sale. Requires checking). (Not Rodco - see Q–095)

Q–060 Commissioned into RCN: 1 November 1942. Sold 24 November 1945 Bernard O. Bessette, St. Jean, QC (no other records)

Q–061 Commissioned into RCN: 11 November 1941. Sold 1946. To Creole Petroleum for $7,900. ESSO Concordia Owner: Standard Oil of N.J. subsidiary. Located on Lac Maracaibo, Venezuela

Q–062 Commissioned into RCN: 18 April 1942. On 16 January 1943: Transfered to Free French Navy as Langlade, V.112 Returned 1946. Nominated for U.S. Consolidated S.B. Co., but not taken up. Sold to Marine Industries Ltd., Sorel; re–acquired for: Naval Reserves, HMCS Hunter, Windsor, ON September 1949 (per CDR Art Harris for date, & "Crowsnest" article). HMCS Wolf, ex–PTC-762. To 1956. (A Cross of Lorraine was still pained on a bulkhead. After her end with HMCS Hunter, reputedly used as a breakwater in the Windsor area. (per CDR Art Harris, 2004. Located at the cottage of the Hon. D’Arcy McHugh? – not there in 2003)

Q–063 Commissioned into RCN: 18 April 1942. January , 1943: Transferred to Free French Navy as Colombier, V.113 Returned 25 July 1945. Held in reserve. Sold 18 October 1945 to Canadian Inter-American Associates, Montreal. Sold 1947 to J.G. Escobar, Montreal QC. Also shown as "Purchase from M. Gautier by Plaid Shipping Ltd.", (Rapid Steamship Co.) Montreal, as Cumbrae II, by 4 September 1959 .. Possibly - Salvor. #176230* or #179617 – both Salvors (? see Q–068 – possibly a confusion in writing the ‘3’ for the ‘8’ in former no.? *this one became Miss Linda)

Q–064 Commissioned into RCN: 15 May, 1942. Sold 10 October 1945. Renamed as Six–Four. #175446 For $3,000 Owner (new registry, January–April 1947 - Canada Department of Transport): Wendell Graham, Montague, PE Registered: Charlottetown. (Also owned Q–091) Owner (1948 Canada Department of Transport): Everett Kennedy, Bay Head, Colchester Co., NS Registered in Charlottetown, PE Engine: 2 Hall Scott Motor Co.,Racine, Wisc. oil Engine Owner (1950): Maritime Produce Ltd., Bayhead, NS Foundered off Sydney, NS 7 December 1952. Register closed 7 January 1953.

Q–065 Commissioned into RCN: 15 May,1942. Sold 14 June, 1946. 1st registered: 28 November 1946 Nadine II (1946 Canada Department of Transport). #174987 Owner: Colonel W. Eric Phillips, Duplate Glass, Toronto. Nadine was his daughter’s name (deceased) (per Phil Ratcliff, Toronto)To at least December 1955. Transfer of ownership record - Owner (1956 - Canada Department of Transport): Grew Boats Ltd., but at 50 St. Clair Ave. West (Dupate Glass office, as that Co. now owned Grew Boats, on behalf of Col. Phillips) Owner (18 April 1957): Peter LePage, Penetanguishene, ON and Toronto.(Also owned Penetang Eighty–Eight, etc.) Registered: Toronto. Engine: 2 Hall–Scott petrol, 1941. (Following all from ship’s file, Toronto Transp. Canada office): Owner (15 August 1962): Gerald Alyea, Woodstock. Registered in Toronto Owner (1962 Lloyd’s Reg. of American Yachts): W.G.McEwen, Aylmer, ON; registered in Toronto. Changed name to: Audrey A.. 174987 Owner (1962): Walter G. McEwen, Aylmer, ON (Audrey A. was his wife) Owner (1965): Watermans Services (Scott) Ltd.,Toronto ON. Owner (1966): A.J. Kostick & David Auld, Toronto (For taking passengers to Expo ’67 – passenger certification refused.) Owner (December 1 1967): Hope Haven Rest Home Ltd., Frederick Lafontaine, President Owner (1969–1973+ - Canada Department of Transport): Thunder Development Co. Ltd., Toronto, c/o R.A. Watt, Toronto. Home port: Parry Sound. (as a yacht). Engines: 2 1956 Harnischafeger oil Engine Renamed as Alex & Sally - never registered. Partly destroyed by fire 1978. Transport Canada not informed at the time, near Rose Island, Parry Sound Register closed 10 November 2003

‡Q–066 Commissioned into RCN: 6 Mar.1942. Sold 10 October 1945 Earlmar. #176481 Owner (1946-1950+): Finning Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd., Vancouver. Registered: Vancouver. 1st registered 21 January 1946 Owner (1951 Canada Department of Transport): Ferry Meat Market Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Owner (1958-1980+): Robert J. Taylor, (Mng. Ownr.) and Ronald Y. Sparrow, Vancouver, BC Registered: Vancouver (as a yacht) Still in service (?) June 2005

Q–067 Commissioned into RCN: 27 March 1942 Sold 1945. Stranger II (in 1946). #176672 Owner (1946 - Canada Department of Transport, & to 1960): Coal Island Ltd., Coal Island, Sydney, BC Owner (Lloyd’s, 1958): Captain Fred E. Lewis, Coal Island, Sidney, BC Registered in Victoria. (Master’s certificate) Engine: 2 1947 GM diesels. As of 1959: registered in San Pedro, California, to Fred Lewis (1960 Canada Department of Transport Reg. Still shows Coal Island Ltd.) Register closed as of 3 January 1964. Transfer to U.S. registry Lost by fire September 1966

Q–068 Commissioned into RCN: 7 March 1942. Sold October 1945. Renamed as Salvor - to 1948? as a salvage vessel. #176230 Canada Department of Transport shows as ex–Q–068. 1st reg’d. 17 December 1945 Note: name may have been used twice - see Q–063 above Owner (1946 – Canada Department of Transport): Straits Towing & Salvage Co., Vancouver. Registered: Vancouver (By 1949 Salvor name was used by S.T.& S. Co. for another vessel, not a Fairmile.) S.T. & S. - in 1948 (no records - Straits Towing & Salvage) Marine Freight No.1. (not Marine Freighter) in 1948 (DOT) change of name, same owner Owner (to 1950): Straits Towing & Salvage Co. Ltd., Victoria, BC Eng: 2 Hall-Scott Engine Co., petrol, Berkeley, CA. (as a salvage vessel) Sechelt Narrows in 1954 ? Owner (1950): same as above. Owner (1951 Canada Department of Transport): Davidson Marine Freight Ltd., Vancouver (ex–Marine Freight No.1, ex–S.T.& S. #176230 Owner (1953/1954 Lloyd’s): Davidson Marine Ltd., Vancouver Engines: 2 Gray Marine Detroit oil Engine Miss Linda in 1955 #176230 (ex–Sechelt Narrows) Owner (Mar. 1954): Sverre Gjerstad, Vancouver. Owner (1955-1972+): Gordon H. Smith, Vancouver. "For general cargo" Engines: 2 Gray Marine Motor Co. oil Engine

Q–069 Commissioned into RCN: 28 Mar.1942. Sold 1945 to Willard Garfield Weston, Caufield, Vancouver. Harwood (One Canada Department of Transport list gives this ship same register no. as Salvor, Q–068 above – #176502) Owner (1946 - Canada Department of Transport): Albert Loftus McLennan, Vancouver a director of United Distilleries. Registered: Vancouver (One note: "Sold to Sea Scouts, 1947" - probably on loan for their use while owned by McLennan) Owner (1950): Duncan Harwood & Co. Ltd., Vancouver Casa Mia. (Lloyd’s 1958, Canada Department of Transport 1960) #176502 Owner (1958 & 1961): George H. and Henry F. Reifel, Vancouver, BC Registered in Vancouver. Engines: 2 Gray Marine 1944 oil engines Owner (1965): Casa Mia Holdings Ltd., Vancouver (Roy E. Canedy, Pres.) A yacht To 1972 Owner (1973 – Canada Department of Transport): Bounty Cruises Ltd., Vancouver. Registered in Suva, Fiji with same engines as cruise boat. Reported as lost in a hurricane, 1978, near Beachcomber,Fiji.

‡Q–070 Commissioned into RCN: 14 March 1942. Sold 1945 to Marine Manufacturing Construction Co., Vancouver Renamed as Machigonne. #176475 Owner (1946 - Canada Department of Transport): Marine Manufacturing Contract (?) Co., Vancouver. Registered: Vancouver. Owner (1948): Radium Chemical Co., Vancouver (But see Q–092) Owner (Canada Department of Transport 1951): Black Ball Ferries Ltd., Victoria. Gulf Ranger. #176475 (ex–Machigonne) Owner (October 1952 – Canada Department of Transport): Black Ball Ferries Ltd., Victoria. Registered Vancouver Owner (31 March 1954): William C. Gibson, Vancouver Coast Ranger #176475 (ex–Gulf Ranger) Owner (1960): Johnstone Strait Enterprises Ltd., Sointula, Malcolm Island, BC. Saracen III (ex–Coast Ranger) Owner (1965): Pacific Cruises Ltd., North Vancouver; (for cargo) Owner (1972): Halger M. Ohman, New Westminster, BC (for cargo) Lahaina Lady (no record. Not LACHAINA) Re-registered 25 October 1971 to at least 1979 Noble Lady #176475 Owner (2004): John J. Boyd, Campbell River, BC Still in service, registered to 28 Feb.2007, at Queensborough, BC

‡Q–071 Commissioned into RCN: 15 April1942. Sold 2 November 1945. Gulf Wing. (1946 - Canada Department of Transport, to 1955) #176497 Owner: Gulf Lines Ltd. (LCDR T.N. Le Page, Mgr.), Vancouver. Owner (1953/1954 Lloyd’s): Andrew J.K. Jukes, Mgr. Engine: 2 Vivian Engine Works., Vancouver oil Engine Owner (31 March, 1954): Marine Express Lines Ltd., Vancouver. Passenger service, West coast & Gulf Islands Troubadour III (in Trans. Canada 1960). (ex–Gulf Wing) Owner: Oswald H. New & Co., Vancouver. Registered: Vancouver NIMPKISH PRINCESS (no record as of in 1961). (ex–Troubadour III) Owner (1953/1954 Lloyd’s): Tidewater Shipping Co.Ltd., Vancouver Northland Princess In 1969 Canada Department of Transport & 1978-1979 Lloyd’s (ex–Nimpkish Princess) #176497 Owner: Northland Shipping (1962) Ltd., Vancouver. Same engines (as a yacht) Kona Winds (ex–Northland Princess) #176497 Owner(1980): Pacific Adventures Enterprises Ltd., Vancouver (as a yacht) Owner(2004): Kona Winds Yacht Charters Ltd.; Bruce Kerr, Vancouver (A. Pike) Still in service -Registered to 30 June 2008

Q–072 Commissioned into RCN: 24 November 1941 Sold 24 October 1945 to Acme Boat & Salvage Co., New York, N.Y.

Q–073 Commissioned into RCN: 24 November 1941 Sold 24 October 1945 to Acme Boat & Salvage Co., New York, N.Y.

Q–074 Commissioned into RCN: 26 May, 1942 (first of 1941–1942 building programme) Sold 28 November 1945 Aloma III. #178975 Owner (1948 - Canada Department of Transport): George B. Burchell, President, North Shore Steamship Co., Sydney, at Little Bras D’Or, NS. Registered Sydney, NS Owner (1952 - Canada Department of Transport): James M. MacKay, New Glasgow, NS Registered Sydney, to Owner: Hygera Steamship Co., North Sydney. Terra Mar (by 1959 she was sold in the U.S.A. maybe on 9 August 1957 .) Owner: Charles Blickle, Hamden, Conn. Registered there. (1961) Engines: 2 GM 1946 oil Engine, installed 1948 (There was a new Terra Mar not an ML by 2004, and new owner didn’t own this ML – a coincidence, per telephone call, in 2004)

Q–075 Commissioned into RCN: 22 June 1942 Sold 24 October 1945 to Acme Boat & Salvage Co., New York, N.Y.

Q–076 Commissioned into RCN: 22 June 1942 Sold 24 October 1945 to Acme Boat & Salvage Co., New York, N.Y.

Q–077 Commissioned into RCN: 2 June 1942 Sold 1947 to Coastal Shipping Corp. As of 20 December 1947 - "unclaimed". (Consolidated Shipping Corp., c/o M.I.L.?)

Q–078 Commissioned into RCN: 2 June 1942. Sold to Transit Tankers & Terminals Ltd., Montreal, Geo. Elie, Mgr. Resold or transferred? as of 3 Feb.1948, as: ESSO Cardonal (not Cardinal) Owner: Standard Oil of N.J. subsidiary Creole Petroleum Located on Lac Maracaibo, Venezuela, for oil rig supply services.

Q–079 Commissioned into RCN: 27 May, 1942. Sold 24 October 1945, James L. Gillanders, Toronto ON. Resold: as Nancy Grace (Lloyd’s Reg. of Yachts, 1947, & Canada Department of Transport 1946). #174988 Owner (1946, Canada Department of Transport): Herbert E. Corbett, Toronto/ Oakville. 1st registration. Engine: 2 x Grey Marine 1945 oil Engine Sold 19 May, 1949 to Department of National Defence. Reaquired for Naval Reserves. Civilian register not closed until 25 November 1954 – "Gave up registration voluntarily" (Naval vessels were not registered) HMCS Prevost, London, ON. (Acquired by the Division in early 1954. Berthed at Port Stanley). HMCS Raccoon, ex–PTC-779, to October 1956 Sold by D.N.D. Re-registered with same former number - #174988 Lady Enid. (ex–Nancy Grace) Owner (1960): Morton P. Jubin, Town of Mount Royal, QC Registered : Montreal, then Nassau, Bahamas

Q–080 Commissioned into RCN: 17 June 1942 Sold 9 October 1945. United Boat Service, J. Leon Israel, City Island, New York (Also owned Q–085) Quarterdeck (converted to yacht in 1946 at Toronto, per Lloyd’s Reg. of American Yachts.) Owner: H.B. Prior, Larchmont, New York, registered in New York Eng: 2 Hall-Scott gasoline engines. (Still listed as this to early 1954 Lloyd’s) Almeta Queen (1949–1950) Owner: Abaco Trading Co. Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas. Registered in Nassau. U.S. #(D)249628 Engine: 2 Hall-Scott Motor Co. petrol engines Noted in Lloyd’s 1949/1950 and 1953/1954 as "Fishing", and although built by J.J. Taylor in Toronto, shown as built by "War Supply Ltd., Toronto" in 1943. Cosa Grande as of 1954. (ex Quarterdeck) Owner: D.H. Bramar, Port O’Connor, Texas. Engine: 2 GM 1954 oil Engine "Converted to yacht 1946" Panamanian registry in 1970s. Lying abandoned in August , 2007, per aerial photo, in Argentina, in Lujan & Abra Vieja, up the La Platte River at Para.

Q–081 Commissioned into RCN: 27 May,1942 Sold 1946. Owner: Louis Levin, Montreal (Possibly became Ernest G. (1947 - Canada Department of Transport) for a short time. But see Q–094) ESSO Taparita Owner: Creole Petroleum - also shown as Lago/Creole Petroleum Corp., a subsidiary of Standard Oil (N.J.) Ltd. Used as tenders to bring work crews to oil derricks at Lac Maracaibo, Venezuela. 1948: on fire, beached, constructive total loss.

Q–082 Commissioned into RCN: 27 May,1942 Damaged in an explosion in engine room 7 September 1944 alongside naval jetty, Gaspé Sold 22 May 1945 - Hull only. Sold to Stanley C. Alexander (in 28 November 1947), Gaspé Sold to Walter A. Kruse. Sold to Joseph Porier (a local policeman) and his grandfather Valmont Porier, Gaspé, QC As a floating dance hall. Sold foreign .

Q–083 Commissioned into RCN: 25 May,1942. Sold 1946. Lazy Mariner. #175448 (Lloyd’s 1949-1950) for $3,000. Owner (1946 - Canada Department of Transport): Lorne Johnston, Montague, PE, Registered: Charlottetown, 1st qtr. 1947 Engine: 2 Hall-Scott Motor Co. gas engines. To December 1948 + Registry closed 20 November 1950

Q–084 Commissioned into RCN: 18 June 1942. Sold 1946. To R.E. Gamble, Toronto by November 1947

Q–085 Commissioned into RCN: 13 June 1942. Sold 1946. Suzette No.1 #177908. Owner (1949 - Lloyd’s): Robert W. Lyons, Montreal Owner (1948-1959+): Bahama Beach (BC) Ltd., West Pender St., Vancouver. Registered: Montreal (or Banama Beach??) Engine: 2 GM oil Engine Sold U.S.A. 13 May, 1952. United Boat Service, New York. Owner (1953/1954 Lloyd’s): Julius K. Wilson, Nassau, Bahamas. (Date problems with ownership)

Q–086 Commissioned into RCN: 26 October 1942 Sold 7 November 1945 to K.V. Gamble, Toronto Monterey. #310616 Owner (1960-1972+): Inter Dominion Shipping Co. Ltd., Montreal (for cargo).

‡Q–087 Commissioned into RCN: 9 November 1942. Sold 1946. Chef Tek8erimat (or Chef Tekoerimat? in some registers) #156658 (The Shipping Act said at that time that numbers couldn’t be used in a name, but TEK8ERIMAT appears in several lists, to 1972) Owner (1948): Jules R. Tremblay, Managing Owner, c/o Northern Industries, Chicoutimi, QC Registered: Chicoutimi QC. Owner (30 September 1955): George Lapenson, c/o CBC, Montreal QC. TZIGANE #156658 (Lloyd’s – 1958) Owner: A.P. Gonsalves, Montreal. Registered: Montreal Engine: 2 Hall–Scott petrol Engine Registered 21 December 1959. Not listed in 1960 Canada Department of Transport Owner (1969): Pierre Jauvin, Laval, QC Registered Montreal. As a cargo barge, non-powered. Owner (2004 – Transport Canada): René G.A. Pisano, Outremont, QC Non-powered, no engines. In existence.

Q–088 Commissioned into RCN: 10 May,1943. Sold September 1945 for $3,000. Eighty–Eight. #174989 Owner (1946 – Canada Department of Transport): W.L. Christie, Christie St., Toronto Engine: 2 x Hall-Scott, Berkley, petrol Engine To after December 1949 at least (Lloyd’s Reg. of Yachts) Penetang Eighty-Eight, ex–Eight, ex–Midland Penetang Eighty–Eight (while fitting out) Owner (1952–1960 - Canada Department of Transport): Peter LePage, Toronto & Penetanguishene, ON Name change Penetang Eighty–Eight to Eighty–Eight July 1954. Owner (by 1961-1972+): R.J. Frame & Sons Ltd., Toronto Engine: 2 x GM 6 cylinder oil engines (diesels) Used as supply and passenger ferry up eastern Georgian Bay shore, Penatanguishene to Wah–Wah–Taysee. Sold and register transferred to Kingston 30 May, 1974. Olympia III. 174989 Owner: Kingston & The Islands Boat Lines Ltd., Kingston, ON.(for passengers) Registered: Kingston Reportedly burnt. (no records – possibly the ML seen beached and abandoned at Lachine QC)

Q–089 Commissioned into RCN: 15 October 1942. Sold, 1st registered 10 December 1946 Coastal Queen. #177961 Owner (1947 - Canada Department of Transport): Northern Engineering & Supply Co.(Capt. E.O. Bursey, Mgr.), Fort William, ON Registered Port Arthur. (Canada Department of Transport – 1946. Lloyd’s 1949) Engine: 2 Hercules Motor Corp, Canton, O., oil Engine Owner (16 September1957 - Canada Department of Transport): Scurry–Rainbow Oil Ltd., Toronto & Calgary, Alberta. Registered in Toronto. (Mr. R. Toms, Mgr.) A minerals survey ship Owner (8 June, 1959): Pelletier Engineering (International.) Ltd., Montreal. Registered Toronto. Then registration transfers to Halifax owner (1960 Canada Department of Transport Register): Scurry Rainbow Ltd., Calgary AB. Owner (August 1962): Bruce R.P. Parsons, Halifax. A survey ship. Owner (9 May, 1969): Irving Saunders, Ottawa, & T. Weather–proofers Ltd. (as pleasure yacht; name may have been changed earlier and Canada Department of Transport not informed) Grande Commander. #177961. (Appears under both names in 1972 Canada Department of Transport register!) Owner (18 November 1976): Robert J. Saunders, Toronto. Register transferred to Toronto from Halifax. Owner (1980): T. Weather–proofers Ltd., Toronto Then semi-submerged at Leslie St. spit. Owner (November 1984): Stephen Richardson, Toronto ON. Corniche – Registered 19 Feb.1986. Owner (1985): Baccarat Yacht Charters Ltd., Stephen K Winter, Toronto Register cancelled 1988 (Canada Department of Transport) At Port Dover, possibly as a restaurant? Owner (1989): Ray Shoals, Pres. EVGO Corp., Welland Engines removed, towed 2002/2003 to Port Dover, ON Ship restaurant in other suggestion, Port Dalhousie,is "Captain John’s" from Toronto originally. No Shoals or EVGO in Welland) Owner: Harry Gamble Sr., in local shipyard. 2009: located at Port Dover by Morin: Not in good shape, but salvageable, much modified.

Q–090 Commissioned into RCN: 19 November 1942 Louvicourt. #178914. Owner: Brian W. Newkirk (mining), Toronto (Lloyd’s 1958) Registered: Toronto. To 1961. Engine: 2 Hall-Scott 1949 petrol engines (In a Lloyd’s Reg. of American Yachts still listed in 1972, but spelled Leuvicourt. Probably an error) Rosal (1961 Yachts Reg.) Owner: Helicopter Sales (Caribbean) Ltd., Nassau. Registered: Nassau. Same engines

Q–091 Commissioned into RCN: 17 May,1943. Sold October 1945, for $3,000 Nine-One. (Lloyd’s 1949-1950) #175449 Owner (new registered, January-April 1947 - Canada Department of Transport): Wendel Graham, Montague, PE Registered: Charlottetown, for lobster "fishing" per Lloyd’s Engine: 2 Mac Mfg. Co. 1945 oil Engine Owner (1951 – Canada Department of Transport): Grant Graham, Montague, PE. Owner (1953/1954 Lloyd’s): C. Kennedy, Charlottetown, PE. Sank 14 April 1955 18 mi. WSW of Channel Head, Newfoundland. Register close May 2, 1955. (Possibly raised?) But listed in 1978-1979 Lloyd’s - same name, same owner: Owner: C. Kennedy, Charlottetown, PE. Same engines. (Possibly failure to advise Lloyd’s?)

Q–092 Commissioned into RCN: 2 November 1942. Sold 1947 Radium Chemical Co. Ltd., North Vancouver. Confusion with this one; Freeman also notes there are three possibilities: a. Sold 18 October 1945 to "CADC" b. Re–sold; sunk 1946 or c. Sold U.S.A. 1952 One War Assets Corp letter of January 1947 says sold to Joseph Simard, Montreal (i.e. M.I.L.) Morin: Suzette No. 1 (But see Q–085 above) Suzette II. #177908 Owner: "A holding company for an American owner" (Canada Department of Transport post–war records)

Q–093 Commissioned into RCN: 2 November 1942. Sold ? Owner: Donelma Securities Ltd., Toronto ON or possibly sold to J. Sicard (or Simard? i.e. MIL?) Then sold to M. Benoit, Secretary at the QC School of Arts & Crafts, Rimouski QC. (Probably an error or on loan – see Q–098 below) Canada Department of Transport file: Burned and sank, 25 May 1946

Q–094 Commissioned into RCN: 19 November 1942 Sold 11 October 1945 for $3,000 Ernest G.. #175447 as of 1st qtr. 1947 Registered in Charlottetown Owner: G.A. Griffin, Montague, PE

Q–095 Commissioned into RCN: 12 May,1943 Sold 1947. (Reportedly had 2 Rolls-Royce engines fitted when built on experimental basis) Rodco #176579. (See note with Q–059) Owner (1948 & 1950 – Canada Department of Transport): Rodolphe Corbiel, St. Joseph St., Lachine, QC, c/o Boulanger Yacht Co..Owner (from 1951-1960+): Ocean Interests Ltd., Yarmouth, NS Registered: St. Andrews, NB Engine: 2 GM Detroit oil engines Owner (1965): Clifford Shirley & Sons. Ltd., English Harbour West, Nfld. For cargo Register closed 14 May 1969 - scrapped

‡Q–096 Commissioned into RCN: 9 November 1942. Sold to Marine Industries Ltd., Montreal for $2,000. Returned for resale. Sold to J.S. Langlois & Fournier, Quebec, Savoy Shipping Ltd., for $6,000.. Then: Roseline. #177959. Owner (1948): Quebec Waterways Sightseeing Tours, Co., Quebec City, QC, Joseph Bouchard, (M.O.) Owner (1951 – Canada Department of Transport): Samuel G. Sedgwick, Kingston, ON Miss Kingston (ex–Roseline - Canada Department of Transport) #177959. Owner (1960-1972+): Kingston Excursions Ltd., Kingston, ON Owner (1980): INREC Ltd., Kingston, ON. Saint-Louis IV (no records; ex–Miss Kingston) La Santa Maria IV Re-reg’d. 17 May 1985 #177959 Owner (2004 – T.C.): L.–R. Maranda, Montreal. Registered in Montreal, to 31 October 2004 Still in service

Q–097 Commissioned into RCN: 16 November 1942 Sold 1 October 1945 to Canadian Inter-American Assoc. Returned to C.A.D.C (? Canadian Assets Disposal Corp.) Sold to J.S. Escobar, Montreal for $3,000 General G.C. Escobar (no record, this was possibly was the name of buyer?)

Q–098 Commissioned into RCN: 7 November 1942. Corita. (no records - in Lloyd’s Yacht Reg. 1958–1962. Latter date incorrect, but Lloyd’s not notified? Noted as "converted 1948"). Sold for $3,000. Owner: J. Sicard, Montreal. #179262 Resold 1945.(??) Le Saint Barnabe. (ex–Corita) (Lloyd’s 1950) Owner (1948 - Canada Department of Transport): Quebec Government Ministry of Youth & Social Welfare, (from Lloyd’s Reg.; some Lloyd’s records show it as Canadian Government Ministry, an error), Quebec City. Registered: Rimouski. Secretary: M. Benoit, School of Arts & Crafts. Engine: 2 Buda 1946 oil engine (Used in Sicard commercial snow blowers) (By 1960 name used for a larger vessel). Name changed to: BIC. Owner (1960): Quebec Provincial Government Ministry of Youth and Social Welfare, Quebec (Rimouski)

Q–099 Commissioned into RCN: 7 November 1942. Sold September 1945, for $3,000; 1st Registered 11 December 1946 Dipedon. #177801 Owner (1946 - Canada Department of Transport): Joseph B. Dunkleman, Toronto (Tip Top Tailors). Registered: Toronto ON. Sold and register transferred to Port Arthur 14 October 1949, to Nipigon Lake Timber Co. pending re-naming. Donarvie II (ex–Dipedon). #177801 Owner (1st qtr. 1949 - Canada Department of Transport, & 1950): Nipigon Lake Timber Co. Ltd., Port Arthur. Owner (1954 Lloyd’s Reg. of American Yachts): The Thomson Co., Port Arthur (There was a later Donarvie III that was not an ex–ML) Register closed 11 March 1954 "Sold foreign" Owner (May 1954): Ben Shulman Associates, New York Owner (c.1958): Gilbert O. Weidman, St. Petersburg, FL Registered in New York. U.S. #267095 "Documentation surrendered 21 Feb. 1963. Vessel dismantled"

Q–100 Commissioned into RCN: 7 November 1942 Sold 1 October 1945; Resold 1946: Owner: Cruises and Traffic Sales Ltd., Hamilton, ON Francis Farwell.

Q–101 Commissioned into RCN: 7 November 1942. Sold 1945. Edmar #173183 (Per Murray Knowles, NS): Owned by G.D. Raymond - see below. Also could be Fairlady by 1956-1957 - no records of that one) Engine: 2 GM oil Engine Owner (1946): Great Lakes Lumber & Shipping Ltd., Fort William, ON Registered Fort William Owner (1951–1954 Canada Department of Transport): Edmar Ltd., Fort William, ON Sold foreign - April 28, 1954. Owner (by 1958): Roberto & Antonio M. Arias, Panama City, Rep. of Panama. Based at Balboa Y.C., Corona del Mar, California Engine:2 x Grey Marine oil Engine To 1972. (Note: Lloyd’s Register of American Yachts later, 1971 – confused the ex–Fairmile with a sail vessel of the same name, same owners) Returned to Canada ? Nellie D. (by 1955 ex–Edmar) #173183 Owner: G.D. Raymond, Yarmouth, NS Registered Yarmouth Ran aground at Metegan, NS (Possibly salvaged?)

Q–102 Commissioned into RCN: 14 November 1942. Sold 1946 Francis Farwell, Hamilton,ON for $3,000. Quetzal. #173491 Owner: Canada Coach Lines (F. Farwell) Owner: Andrew P. Holt, Montreal. (1949-1950 - Lloyd’s) Registered in Hamilton, ON Engine: 2 Mac Mfg. Co., Long Island City, N.Y. oil Engine Curlew (ex–Quetzal) #173491 Owner (from 1950): Harland de M. Molson, Notre-Dame St. E., Montreal (Curlew was a family yacht name) (Canada Department of Transport 1950 list says "Former names: Island Princess and Daily" but dates incorrect. The only Island Princess that is similar is older (1913) and larger in 1958, 1969 & 1972, not an ML) Register closed 1 May 1953 - sold foreign Sold 25 June 1953 to U.S.A. U.S. Reg. #265653 Owner (1954 Lloyd’s Reg. of American Yachts): Frank Sawyer, Boston, Mass. as Curlew. Owner (1955 to 1972+): Ferncliff Company, Boston, Mass. Registered in Boston. Same engines, same name Salissa M. (by 1992) Moondance. (per USCG register) Owner: G. Nile Ltd. LLC ENTERPRISE II (Still in service, as of 30 October 2000 Owner: not noted by USCG web, but owned by G Nile Ltd. LLC, San Juan, P.R. Port: San Juan, PR. #265653 Registry expired October 2001. Abandoned?

Q–103 Commissioned into RCN: 18 November 1942. Sold 1947. One–O–Three. #173650 ("Conv. Amiralty yacht") (per Lloyd’s 1958) Owner (1946 - Canada Department of Transport):Cecil W. Weegar, Petanguishene, ON Registered: Midland, ON Owner (1951 to 1960 – Canada Department of Transport): Edgar S. Taylor, Owen Sound, ON (local rather eccentric boatyard owner & carpenter.) Anchored and also pulled ashore on east bank of Owen Sound. Engine: 2 x Hall–Scott 12 cylinder petrol Engine One engine replaced with a diesel when Hall–Scott block cracked. (No listing by 1961) Lady Simone. (not Simonne) (ex–One–O–Three) Owner (1962): Paul E. Noel, Montreal. Registered in Owen Sound, then (1969) in Montreal and St. Antoine de Tilly, QC Scrapped – no date.

Q–104 Commissioned into RCN: 4 August 1943. 1943 building programme July 1945: Q–104 not classed as surplus for W.A.C Sold to M.I.L., Sorel 1946. Reacquired by W.A.C. 15 September 1945: loaned to School of Arts & Crafts, Rimouski, QC Also in hands of J.Severen Langlois (as for Q–096 and Q–105) Reacquired by DND for Naval Reserves, HMCS Cataraqui, Kingston, ON by August 1951. Cougar, ex–PTC-704. Then to HMCS Star, Hamilton as "tender" by January 1956 Paid off 4 November 1956 Moved by land to Dundas ON (at the Desjardins Canal, north side of Hamilton Harbour)to serve as "club house": RCSCC Dundas Sea Cadets, Dundas ON To about 1959. Scrapped.

‡Q–105 Commissioned into RCN: 5 September 1943. Sold 1946. 15 September 1945: On loan, to the School of Arts & Crafts, Rimouski, QC (Arguments in letters re non–payment in 1947–1948). Registered December 1948. Sold to J.S. Langlois, Savoy Shipping Co., QC for $2,500. 12 January 1948: Resold as: Duc d’Orleans (In Lloyd’s 1949–1950, & to 1972+) #179271 Owner: Quebec Waterways Sightseeing Tours Ltd, Quebec. Engine: 2 x GM 8 cylinder oil Engine, 1947. Then 671 Detroit Diesels Owner (1978): Ken Bracewell, Sarnia, ON for local tours and receptions. New Detroit diesels as of 2003. Fibreglassed down to ice skirt. Bar aft, cabins forward opened up for space. Web: www.ducdorleans.com New reg’d.: 4 December 1978 Owner shown by 1980 as 453939 Ontario, Ltd., of Corunna, ON (same as above) In service 2004. Replaced in 2007 by smaller newer vessel. Taken over from owner by a group restoring her to wartime condition. Hull stripped of fibreglass, extra cabins removed. On the shoreline at Sarnia.

Q–106 Commissioned into RCN: 28 August 1943 Retained by RCN to end of 1945. Acquired for Naval Reserves, Originally allocated to HMCS Star, Hamilton, on 28 July, 1948, on arrival from Sorel QC. HMCS Beaver, ex–PTC–706. (Per "Crowsnest" article.) Then to HMCS York, Toronto by January 1956, as HMCS BEAVER To November 1957. Broken up. (In 1961 in ruins at Hamilton ON.)

Q–107 Commissioned into RCN: 11 September 1943. Canada Department of Transport: no record. Loaned 14 September 1945 to Quebec Government, School of Arts & Crafts, Rimouski, QC. Then sold 1949: Miss Chevrolet (Lloyd’s Register of American Yachts, 1950, says she was ex–Q–117 – probably an error. Owner (new reg. April–June, 1949 – Canada Department of Transport, & 1950): Chester E. Ferris, Wellington St., Sarnia, ON Registered: Sarnia, then St. John, NB Lady Latour Owner: (unknown as of April–June, 1951 per Canada Department of Transport changes Supplement, 1950) Burned December 1951 (Canada Department of Transport Supplement), ashore at Bic, near Rimouski QC

Q–108 Commissioned into RCN: 13 August 1943 Sold for $3,000 on 29 September 1945 Machigonne II. #178706; (see Q–095, Freeman) Owner (December 1948): Marine Industries Ltd., Montreal. Registered in Montreal Sold foreign August 12, 1949 in Costa Rica

Q–109 Commissioned into RCN: 28 August 1943 Sold 1948. Frances Farwell, Hamilton, ON Quetzal II. (Lloyd’s 1949-1950) #173498 Owner (1948 – Canada Department of Transport): Canada Coach Lines Ltd., Hamilton, ON, Registered in Hamilton Engine: 2 GM oil Engine from Benjamins For Motors, Brooklyn, N.Y. ARARA (ex–Quetzal II) (Name change 3rd qtr. 1949). #173498 Owner (1948-1950 Canada Department of Transport): Canada Coach Lines Ltd., Hamilton, ON Registered:Hamilton, ON Rebuilt 1948 Then owner (1959/1960): Canada Illinois Tools Ltd., Harold Byron Smith, President, Chicago, Ill. Registered: Toronto (Don Mills, ON) and to 1972, but Co. in Wilmington, DE. Sold foreign: Registered USCG: #297725 Engines: 2 GM 1957 oil Engine from Benjamins, Brooklyn Aruba #297725. Owner L.B. Co. Inc., Miami ("Previous owner" with USCG) Owner: none listed, for new registration 24 February 1989. Register expired 28 Feb.1994

Q–110 Commissioned into RCN: 7 August 1943 Sold 1949 Lewis Levine, Montreal QC. Sold in Venezuela. (possibly Standard Oil of N.J./Creole Petroleum??) This ML could have become Roseline, Miss Kingston, etc. See Q–096)

Q–111 Commissioned into RCN: 9 September 1943 Sold 26 November 1945 to M.I.L., Sorel. (also noted: Gibson Mills Ltd., Vancouver or Great Lakes Lumber Co. for $5,300 (in one record – confusion of numbers?) 30 December 1947 – "Still at Sorel – not in operation" held by M.I.L. – not converted. Reacquired for Naval Reserves, HMCS Griffon. Port Arthur, ON In September 1949. At cost of $79,900 for 2 MLs, including conversion of engines; with Q–062 (PTC–762); over wintered in Hamilton. MOOSE, ex–PTC–711. To October 1956. Sold locally Owner: King Haigh, a diver, as a diving tender, but burned during refitting 1956/1957. Not registered.

2nd order of MLs to be built:

Q–112 Commissioned into RCN: 25 October 1943 1943–1944 building programme. Not sold – Transferred to RCMP Fort Walsh – MP33 (1945-1958) Records show it "Returned to CADC for resale. Sold 4 November 1958, $50,000." but this must be another vessel. On passage for RCMP from Burgeo NL to Halifax NS, on September 27/28, 1958 caught in a major storm and run ashore on Scatterie Island, SE Nova Scotia. No loss of life. Demolished there. (Source: an article by RCMP crew member’s daughter)

Q–113 Commissioned into RCN: 20 November 1943. Sold 1947: Emil Chaput, Montreal QC. Laverniere (1st quarter 1947 - Canada Department of Transport; Lloyd’s 1949–1950) Owner: Co–opérative de Transport Maritime et Aérien, Cap–aux–Meules, Magdalene Islands, QC Registered: Quebec City Engine: 2 GM Corp. Detroit oil Engine Sunk October 25, 1949 (Canada Department of Transport quarterly reg. Morin says she was sunk 14 August 1947 at Pointe Blanche, NS Maybe another ML?)

Q–114 Commissioned into RCN: 23 November 1943. Not sold – transferred to RCMP 1945 Fort Selkirk – MP31. Not commissioned. Returned to War Assets 1946. Sold 1946. Amy May (3rd qtr. 1949 - Canada Department of Transport – not Amy Mae)

#192332 Owner: Ocean Charters Ltd., Yarmouth, NS Or H.P. Leask & Roy Pike, Clarence Park, Halifax Co., NS Owner (1948 – Canada Department of Transport): Everett Kennedy (M.O.), Bayhead, NS New registration, Charlottetown, PE. Owner 1950: Ocean Charters Ltd., Yarmouth, NS Owner (1953/1954 Lloyd’s): Ocean Products Ltd., Yarmouth. Registered in Charlottetown PE. Burnt August 11 1955. Reg. closed.

Q–115 Commissioned into RCN: 16 November 1943. Sold 29 September 1945, for $3,000; 1st registered 10 October 1946 Nelvana. #177628 Owner (1946 Canada Department of Transport – 1950+): Upper Lakes & St. Lawrence Navigation Co. Ltd. (Gordon Leitch, Pres.) Toronto (Jack Leitch says one of these, Q–115 or Q–120, was bought for Jim Norris of Detroit, a partner of his father’s, Gordon Leitch). Norris, an American, could not own a Canadian vessel. (A new Nelvana being built Port Weller in 1965) Owner (1951 Canada Department of Transport register): Raljon Ltd., Toronto ON. Sold foreign, register closed: 12 November 1952 Owner (Lloyd’s Reg. of American Yachts): Abaco Trading Co., Toronto and Nassau, Bahamas. Outre Mer. By 1959 Owner: John Townshend Benjamin, New York City and Miami, FL Registered: New York; home port: Miami, FL. Documentation surrendered in Miami March 1970. Sold by Costa Rican court, transferred to Panamanian registry shortly after.

Q–116 (Note: Exploded when building at Hunters. Engine Mechanic was awarded a George Medal, another Engine Mechanic was killed) Commissioned into RCN: 12 July 1944. Retained by RCN to end of 1945. Transferred to Naval Reserves, 1949. To HMCS York as HMCS Reindeer (by 1952) Reindeer, ex–PTC–716. To June, 1955. Discarded as worn out, burned ashore at Hamilton. Macpherson says burned at Desjardins Canal. (But some records show she became: Supertrader in 1956. (Freeman says this was Q–117 – more likely, but other records say this was ex–Q–116)

Q–117 Commissioned into RCN: 16 November 1943 Not sold – Transferred to RCMP as Fort Steele. Returned by RCMP and resold 1946 (By then they had another FORT STEELE at 188’) Not commissioned Owner: L.A. Schackleton, Town of Mount Royal, or Chester Karris, Sarnia, ON. (should be Ferris) (But see note under Q–107 above. Lloyd’s Reg. says Miss Chevrolet was ex–Q–117 -correct. Owner: Chester E. Ferris, Sarnia, ON - Ferris Motors Ltd. ex–Nakomis (not in 1947 Lloyd’s – confusion of names?) Sold foreign "reported as now in New York" 18 February 1948) Sold 1957. (These are probably in error) Supertrader? (per Freeman - other records say that’s Q–116, but she was burned as unusable at Hamilton) 1953/1954 Lloyd’s # 195981 Owner: Robert Tilley Ltd., St. John’s, Newfoundland POLAR CLIPPER (ex–Supertrader). #195981. Owner (from 1956 and in 1960!): Brookfield Ice Cream Ltd., St. John’s, NL. Owner (1958/1959 - Lloyd’s): Refrigerated Shipping Ltd., St. John’s, NL. Owner (1965): Eric G. Earle, Carbonear, NL. For cargo. Owner (1972-1980+ Lloyd’s): Earle Freighting Services Ltd., St. John’s and Carbonear, NL Engines: 2 GM Corp. oil Engine, (for general cargo) Register closed 23 Mar.1988

Q–118 Commissioned into RCN: 6 November 1943 Sold to Frances Farwell, Hamilton, ON (Canada Coach Lines Ltd.) for $3,000 Franlis III Name appears for a Belgian ship – providing excursions at Ostende Belgium, ex–Q–118 as of August 2006. RG12 list shows Q–118 became Inshore Fisherman – See Q–121. (An error.)

‡Q–119 Commissioned into RCN: 16 November 1943 Not sold - Transferred to RCMP Fort Pitt. Sondra II #193893 1st Registered: 15 April 1958 Owner (1960 & 1973 - Canada Department of Transport): James C. Slater, Kingston, NS Registered: LaHave, NS (as a yacht). (Noted as built in Port Carling, ON) Engines: 2 x 1950 Vivian oil Engine Owner (1980): Susan M. Craig, Belleville, ON Owner (2004 - T.C.): 480997 Ontario. Ltd., 116 Seaton St., Toronto, ON. (a residence – owner not identified) Owner (Transport Canada ship’s file, 2004) Susan Craig (M.O.) Based at LaHave, NS Still in service, reg’d. to 31 July 2007

‡Q–120 Commissioned into RCN: 27 January 1944. Sold, 29 September1945 for $3,000; 1st registered 25 October 1949. Nelvana II (1958) #190893 Owner(1949): Upper Lakes & St. Lawrence Transport Co. Ltd., Queen’s Quay, Toronto (Gordon Leitch, President). Engine: 2 x 12 cylinders 1947 GMs, installed 1949 Reconditioned by J.J. Taylor Ltd., Toronto ON Name changed at Toronto, 7 November 1949, to: Osceola (1951 Canada Department of Transport, 1958 Lloyd’s, to 1972+) #190893. Owner still Upper Lakes 1954-1961, Lloyd’s Reg. American Yachts. & Transport Canada Sent to Florida for winters (1958) (as per Jack Leitch) Sold 19 October 1960 Transfered to Newfoundland registry 31 October 1960. Owner (1960-1972+): Newfoundland Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd., St. John’s. (as a yacht), for Ches Pippy family, (ex–Nelvana II) President Registry transfered to Montreal 7 September 1973, then to Toronto on 30 July, 1974, as Osceola (From ship’s file, Toronto) Owner: Joan A. Molz, Toronto (Mrs. Herbert F. Moltz) Name changed 30 July, 1974 to: (The) Lady Galadriel #190893. Owner: Mrs. Molz, then her husband’s firm: Rohan Contracting Ltd. (He was an American, couldn’t own a Canadian ship) Sold to U.S.A. owners, & Canadian registry closed 26 May, 1978 Owner(1980): Rohan Contracting Ltd. Sold 1983 to: Owner: Herbert F. Molz, Annapolis, MD. Registered Baltimore. (Just a change of ownership registry) Sold in U.S.A. by Capital Boats in 1986: Independence U.S.C.G. #662573 Owner: Capital Boats Ltd. Then became: Maryland Independence Owner: State of Maryland as Governor’s launch. Sold on E–Bay December 22 2004, offered at $150,000+, sold for $275,100 (U.S.) Still in service Owner: Paul W. Davies, Hagerstown, MD. Registered Annapolis, for recreational use. Sold to John Mabery & Tim Danses (spelling?)

Q–121 Commissioned into RCN: 17 April1944. Retained by RCN to end of 1945. Held for Naval Reserves, by June, 1948 PTC-721 (no records) Planned for HMCS Cataraqui in Kingston, spring of 1949 (per article in "Crowsnest"). For disposal 24 September 1950. Not taken up? Sold 1953? Inshore Fisherman (Freeman says this was ex–Q–120 - error?) #192093 – Canada Department of Transport 1951, Lloyd’s 1953/1954 Owner (1950): Inshore Frozen Fish Ltd., Hamilton, ON Registered: Hamilton, ON Owner (1951 Canada Department of Transport): Ozofrozen Fish Co., Shelburne, NS Own(1953/1954 Lloyd’s): W.L. Sweeney. Registered: Hamilton Engine: 2 Cummings oil Engine Register transferred. to St. John, NB 30 January 1953. Then to Grindstone, Magdalene Islds 19 October 1955 Owner:(1956 Canada Department of Transport): Joseph W. Delaney, House Harbour, Magdalene Islands, QC (to at least 1960) Denis D (ex–Inshore Fisherman) #192093. Owner (1960+): Same Joseph Delaney, (for fishing) Scrapped March 1972 (per Weymouth NS web page, 2004)

‡Q–122 Commissioned into RCN: 17 May,1944. Sold 2 October 1945 for $3,000. Malibu Tyee. #176472 (One Canada Department of Transport record says this lot is Q–126 etc. & other interchange of numbers - an error) Owner: Hamiltair Ltd., Vancouver and Princess Louisa Inlet, Pender Island, BC **. Engine: 2 x Sterling petrol Engine, changed to 2 Grey Marine oil Engine by 1947. 1st registered: 31 December 1945. Owner (1951+ Lloyd’s Reg. of American Yachts): Kirby–Mowat Co. Ltd., Vancouver. Engine: 2 Gray Marine oil Engine Nancy N. Seymour Owner (Mar.1954): Southern Cross Ltd., Vancouver #176472 Owner (1956 Canada Department of Transport): Stamp River Timber Co., Port Alberni, BC. Owner (1958): T.J. Boyles, Cobble Hill, BC; (Registered Vancouver) Owner (1959, Canada Department of Transport): F.H.A. Olafson, Vancouver BC. Owner (1960- 1965+): Robert Reynolds, Vancouver (Registered: Port Alberni) Engines: 2 x Grey Marine 1945 oil Engine (diesel) Sogno D’Oro (per Transport Canada still in service 2004) Owner (by 1969): Star Enterprises Ltd., Vancouver (as yacht) Still in service per Transport Canada As of 2004. G. Arnold Armstrong, Sect. Reported as lost by fire in Howe Sound, as per Marg Evan, daughter of Capt. Reynolds. (or Q–128?)

Q–123 Commissioned into RCN: 10 June 1944 Sold 1945, for $3,000 Malibu Marlin. #176473 Owner: Hamiltair Ltd., Vancouver Engine: 2 Grey Marine oil Engine (diesel) Register closed 13 December 1951. Sold foreign Toluca U.S. #261059. Owner (1954 Lloyd’s Register of American Yachts): William A. Thompson, Los Angeles, CA. Same engines.

Q–124 Commissioned into RCN: 30 June 1944. Retained by RCN to end of 1945. Transferred to Naval Reserves, HMCS Discovery, Vancouver, by July 1950 or earlier Elk, ex–PTC–724. Discarded 1954. Teirrah #312819 Owner (1962): Vancouver Sky Terminals Ltd., Vancouver Pacific Gold (ex–Teirrah) (as a yacht). #312819 Owner (1965): Harbour Services (1964) Ltd., Vancouver BC. Owner (1969-1980+): Imperial–Laurentide Credit Corp., Vancouver. Sold Greek for Mediterranean, December 1997 May be existing Zeus II (per Christian, Gibraltar)

‡Q–125 Commissioned into RCN: 22 July1944. Sold 1945 for $3000 Malibu Tilikum. #176474 Owner: Hamiltair Ltd., Vancouver and Princess Louisa Inlet, Pender Island, BC Engine: 2 x Grey Marine oil Engine, 1945. 1st reg’d.: 31 December 1945 Yorkeen (by December 1952; registered January-April 1953) (Not YUKON III, Freeman says it was too small) Owner: McKeen Scows Ltd., Vancouver Campana. (In 1958 Yachts Reg. By 1960 Canada Department of Transport record this named yacht is not a Fairmile ML, and built in 1930) Jorholm (Lloyd’s 1958). (ex–Campana) #176474 Owner (1960-1965+): Norman A. Dutton, Vancouver & Calgary–Dutton Holdings Ltd. Owner (1969, 1972+ - Canada Department of Transport): Seaboard Yacht Brokers Ltd., Vancouver. Registered in Vancouver. Same engines Gulfstream II (by 1989) #176474. Owner: Gulf Lines Ltd. Vancouver (who had owned ex–armed yacht Wolf/Gulfstream, sunk 1947 north of Powell River BC.) Owner(1980): Seaport Charters Ltd., Vancouver (as a yacht) Owner in 2000: R.A.P. Holdings Ltd., Vancouver. Registered Vancouver; at Barbary Coast Marine. Still in service 2004, to 30 June 2005

‡Q–126 Commissioned into RCN: 7 August 1944 Sold 1945 for $3,000 Princess Malibu. #176482 1st reg’d. 22 January 1946 Owner (1946 - Canada Department of Transport): Hamiltair Ltd., Vancouver & Princess Louisa Inlet, Pender Island, BC Engine: 2 x Sterling petrol Engine Lloyd’s Reg. of American Yachts 1959 shows this as ex–Q–125, an error. Owner (1951 Canada Department of Transport): Gilpin-Nash Ltd., Vancouver Owner (1960-1980+): William Swanson, Vancouver, BC (as a yacht) Still in service, 2004 at Vancouver. (Transport Canada) (In 2000 there was also a Malibu Princess (built 1966) in service)

Q–127 Commissioned into RCN: 27 September 1944 Sold 1945 for $3,000. Chief Malibu. #176483 Owner(1946 - Canada Department of Transport): Hamiltair Ltd., Vancouver and Princess Louisa Inlet, Pender Island BC Registered: Vancouver Engine: 2 x Sterling petrol engines, changed to oil engine. Sunk 11 August 1952.

Q–128 Commissioned into RCN: 29 July1944. Sold 1945 for $3,000 Princess Louisa Inlet. #176485 Owner (1946 - Canada Department of Transport): Hamiltair Ltd., Vancouver & Princess Louisa Inlet, Pender Island, BC Engine: Oil Engine (diesel) Owner (1952 – new registration): George L. Murray, Vancouver (per Transp. Can) (Lloyd’s Reg. of American Yachts still shows Hamiltair in 1954) Burned and sank, Pendrell Sound BC, 18 December 1955 Register closed 18 January 1956

Q–129 Commissioned into RCN: 16 October 1944. Sold 1945. Malibu Inez. #176231 Owner: Hamiltair Ltd., Vancouver Engine: 2 x Sterling petrol Engine, (the originals) changed to 2 Grey Marine oil Engine To 1973. Huntress Owner: Cecil Irwin, New Westminster/Nanaimo BC Engines: 2 Gray Marine Motor Co. oil Engine For side fishing. Sold American? Viking (no records) Island Adventures (no records) On Canadian registry August 1994

** Re the Hamiltair–owned MLs: the 1947 Lloyd’s Register of American Yachts notes that Malibu Tyee II, at 34 feet, was owned by Thomas F. Hamilton, Seattle, Washington, and some of above Canadian MALIBU ships were also based on Seattle. Hamilton Aero Ltd. of Beverly Hills, CA also owned a Malibu Sailfish of 34’, and a Mrs. Ethel I. Hamilton of Beverly Hills owned 3 more Malibus. There are 15 with that name and Hamilton ownership in total.

UNKNOWN NAMES/NUMBERS: (Canadian–built as per 1958 Lloyd’s Register of Yachts or other information provided) Names appearing in various other lists:

  • A.L. MacCLENNAN not a Fairmile an owner of HARWOOD ex–Q–069
  • ATOMA III and ALONA III spelling error for Aloma III ex–Q–074
  • CHIEF COMMANDER probably an error for GRANDE COMMANDER ex–Q–089
  • CHIEF TEKERIMAT confusion for and spelling error for CHEF TEKER8IMAT, ex–Q–087 (Or vice–versa?)
  • CYRUS -spelling error for CYRIUS ex–Q–052
  • GULF TRADER confusion for GULF RANGER ex–Q–070
  • LADY ENIT spelling error for LADY ENID ex–Q–079
  • LEUVICOURT and LOUVIECOURT spelling errors for LOUVICOURT ex–Q–090
  • MARINE FREIGHTER NO.1 spelling error for MARINE FREIGHT NO.1 ex–Q–068
  • MONTERY spelling error for MONTEREY ex–Q–086
  • NANCY M. SEYMOUR spelling error for NANCY N. SEYMOUR ex–Q–122
  • NEDINA II spelling error for NADINE II ex–Q–065
  • SEYMOUR NARROWS confusion with SECHELT NARROWS ex–Q–068 ST RONAN – an RN Fairmile transferred to Free French at same time as 3 RCN MLs Q–052, Q–062 and Q–063 – not an RCN Fairmile despite its number.


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Author’s Notes:

  • Canadian Naval Fairmiles were in the assigned group Q–050 to Q–129. They were not (officially) named, until post-war at Naval Divisions; then not truly commissioned but tenders.
  • Per H.T. Lenton’s Part 7 - "Coastal Forces": following numbers of Motor Launches that look like Canadian numbers that were ‘war losses’
  • In 1940 Q–127 as an RN ML. See builders’ numbers below;
  • In 1942 Q–129 as an RN ML. See builders’ numbers below;
  • In 1943 Q–126 as an RN ML. See builders’ numbers below.

But these were all RN MLs, so care needs to be taken in checking post–war not to include them as "Canadian"

3. LeBlanc Shipbuilding also built 8 Fairmile Bs for RN, transferred on completion to U.S.N., in the #392–399 series. They were never RCN ships.

4. Also per Lenton the following were "transferred to the French Navy" in 1943-1944. These were Canadian-built Fairmile Bs, were RCN ships, and returned at war’s end to Canada. See histories below:

  • Q–052 as FFN GALANTRY
  • Q–062 as FFN LANGLADE
  • Q–063 as FFN COLOMBIER
  • (Q–123 as FFN ST RONAN appears in some Canadian lists, but she was an ex–RN Fairmile.)

5. Some early U.K. build numbers were duplicates of later assigned Canadian numbers. Nos. 100–111 were Fairmile "A" Class (3 shaft); re-used duplicated nos. show original builders as:

  • 100, 102, 112: by Woodnutt (St. Helen’s)
  • 103, 114, 127: by Brooke Marine (Oulton Broad)
  • 104, 122: by Dickie (Bangor)
  • 108, 126: by Jas. Miller (St. Monance)
  • 113: by Tough Bros. (Teddington)
  • 117: by Lady Bee (Southwick)
  • 121: by Woodnutt (Dumbarton)
  • 123: by Curtis (Looe) ST RONAN
  • 124: by Dickie (Tarbert)
  • 125: by Doig (Grimsby)
  • 128: by Harris (Appledore)
  • 129: by Mashford Bros. (Cremyll)

6. Canadian builders were: * (as per Lenton and M–A. Morin, QC)

  • A.C. Benson, Vancouver: [B] 068, 069, 128, 129
  • Greavette Boats, Gravenhurst: [G] 054, 055, 056, 077, 078, 089, 090, 091, 114 **
  • Grew Boats, Penetanguishene: [P] 072, 073, 098, 099, 100, 106, 107, 117
  • Hunter Boats, Orillia: [H] 060, 061, 085, 092, 093, 109, 116
  • LeBlanc Shipbuilding, Weymouth, NS: [L] 064, 065, 083, 084, 111, 120, 121
  • Mac-Craft Boats, Sarnia: [MAC] 062, 063, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 115
  • Midland Boat Works, Midland, ON.: [M]; some built under name of Honey Harbour Navigation Co.: 050, 051, 081, 082, 094, 095, 108, 118
  • Minette Shields, Bracebridge, ON.: [MS] 057, 058, 059, 074, 075, 076, 096, 097, 110, 119
  • Star Shipyard, New Westminster, BC: [S] 070, 071, 125, 126, 127
  • J.J. Taylor, Toronto: [T] Some built under name of War Supply Ltd., Toronto: 052, 053, 079, 080, 086, 088, 112, 113
  • Vancouver Shipyard: [V] 066, 067, 122, 123, 124
  • (* [B, M, MS] etc. = code for builder used below)

** Macpherson says Greavette’s sub-contracted at least Q–054 Q–055 and Q–056 to Sachau’s boat yard on the Humber River, maybe more. And Lenton shows Q–089 to Q–091 as built in Toronto, but Morin has documents they were built in Gravenhurst by Greavettes)


  • 050, 051: M 086: T 115: MAC
  • 052, 053: T 087: T *** 116: H
  • 054, 055, 056: G 088: T 117: P
  • 057, 058, 059: MS 089, 090, 091: G 118: M
  • 060, 061: H 092, 093: H 119: MS
  • 062, 063: MAC 094, 095: M 120, 121: L
  • 064, 065: L 096, 097: MS 122, 123, 124: V
  • 066, 067: V 098, 099, 100: P 125, 126,
  • 127: S
  • 068, 069: B 101, 102, 103, 104, 128, 129: B
  • 070, 071: S 105: MAC
  • 072, 073: P 106, 107: P
  • 074, 075, 076: MS 108: M
  • 077, 078: G 109: H
  • 079, 080: T 110: MS
  • 081, 082: M 111: L
  • 083, 084: L 112, 113: T
  • 085: H 114: G

*** In Lenton’s list shown as unknown – but built by J.J. Taylor


(Dates refer to Lloyd’s Registers of Shipping, Register of Yachts or Register of American (and Canadian) Yachts, or Department of Transport, later Transport Canada, annual Register of Ships. First "sales" were by War/Crown Assets Disposal Corp.)


  • 1. † = confirmed on Canada Department of Transport/N.A.C. list, RG12 (Dept. of Transport), Vol.5394, "Index of vessels sold by War Assets", or original Trans.Canadafile, Toronto, or other reliable documented source – name agrees with Q– number.(F.M.M. as of 12 May 2004)or by correspondence with owners or descendants.
  • 2. # = Registration no. by Canada Department of Transport/Transport Canada, or, for U.S. boats, U.S. Coast Guard registration number.
  • 3."Not XXXX" = name appears to be mis–spelled in some lists. Confirmed in the Canada Department of Transport or Lloyd’s Registers.
  • 4. ‡ = An ML still shown as "In Service" by Transport Canada in Canada on its Register or in U.S.A with U.S.C.G. Not proven in some cases (no requirement to report destruction or dismantling)
  • 5. CADC = Crown Assets Disposal Corporation (ex–War Assets)
  • 6. W.A.C. = War Assets Corporation
  • 7. The Canadian Shipping Act forbid ownership of Canadian registered vessels by foreign nationals including Americans until very recently.

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McKee, Fraser (2015) Where Did the RCN Motor Launches Get To?. Nauticapedia.ca 2015. http://nauticapedia.ca/Articles/Navy_MLs.php

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