Compilation of Vessels Built in or Operated in Saskatchewan Canada

Compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2012

Name Date – Builder Official Number & Type
Aberdeen (I) 1892 Battleford SK Canada ON 100148 Passenger/freight Vessel
Alberta (II) 1904 Prince Albert SK Canada ON 116950 Passenger/freight Vessel
Alice Mattes 1907 Prince Albert SK Canada ON 122292 Passenger/Freight Vessel
Battleford 1896 Canada ON (nk)
Betty Lou 1993 Dinsmore SK Canada ON 805404 Passenger Vessel
City of Prince Albert 1906 Prince Albert SK Canada ON 122291 Passenger Vessel
Colonia 1986 Regina SK Canada ON 805427 Yacht
Dolly Partton (The) 1984 Kelowna BC Canada ON 805416
Dontianen 1930c SK Canada ON (Unregistered) Yacht
Fishin Magician 1984 Kelowna BC Canada ON 805415
George V 1911 Canada ON (nk)
Jack Winton 1907 Prince Albert SK Canada ON 122293 Passenger/Freight Vessel
Marco II 1960c Racine SK Canada ON 153136
Marion 1904 Prince Albert SK Canada ON 116946
May Queen (III) 1884 Canada ON (nk)
McKillop–Benjafield 1903 Canada ON (nk)
Minnow 1884 SK Canada ON (nk) Passenger/Freight Vessel
Pathfinder (IV) 1903 Canada ON (nk)
Prairie Schooner 1957 Baltimore MD USA ON 188248
Rachel 1905 Prince Albert SK Canada ON 122294 Dredge
Roughsedge–Ramsay 1905 Canada ON (nk)
Tisha Rae 2002 Denare Beach SK Canada ON 805429 Yacht
Viga 1903 Kenora ON Canada ON 116700

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MacFarlane, John M. (2012), Saskatchewan Shipping. 2012.

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