The University Naval Training Division (The UNTD Nominal List)

This is the list of more than 6,700 Canadians that served in the University Naval Training Division (UNTD)of the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR) and the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve (RCN(R)). For twenty five years (1943–1968) the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve University Naval Training Division (UNTD) trained university students and turned them into naval officers.

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Name Title ON
Riley, Victor R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-01039
Riley, William P. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63525
Rintoul, D.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63540
Riordon, J. Spruce Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-63550; O-62301
Riordon, Peter R.H. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-00635
Rioux, E.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Rioux, J.L.A. Surgeon Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63560
Ritchie, Boyd A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63580
Ritchie, Ronald D. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Ritson-Bennett, Gregory Martin Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robb, George Adair Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-63620
Robb, J.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63625
Robbins, C.G. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Robbins, Carl Winston Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robbins, H.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robbins, R.E. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robbins, R.T. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63717
Robbins, R.T. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-01258
Robbins, R.W. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Robbins, S.A. Surgeon Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63720
Rober, Howard Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63760
Roberge, G.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Roberge, J.G. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63765
Roberge, J.R.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63767
Roberts, D.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63790
Roberts, Douglas George Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander (RCN) (nk)
Roberts, F.W. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63795
Roberts, J.A. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Roberts, J.A.G. Surgeon Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63803
Roberts, J.D. Instructor Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63799
Roberts, J.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63807
Roberts, James G. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63800
Roberts, Peter Job Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01676; O-62669
Roberts, R.F. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Roberts, R.J. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Roberts, Richard Frederick Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Roberts, Richard Hugh Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-63855; O-62676
Roberts, Richard William Astley Commander (MARE) (nk)
Roberts, W.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63870
Robertson, A.J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00996
Robertson, A.J.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63890
Robertson, B.G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63899
Robertson, Bruce William Captain (N) (LOG) U-63900; O-62705
Robertson, Douglas J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robertson, G.T. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-01337
Robertson, Hew Livingstone Sub-Lieutenant (S) (RCN(R)) U-63940
Robertson, John Miller Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-63950
Robertson, Leslie Nelson Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robertson, Nelson Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robertson, Peter D. Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01862
Robertson, Quinton R. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Robertson, R.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63960
Robertson, R.I. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63957
Robertson, R.J. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robertson, R.S. Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robertson, S.J. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robertson, W.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63965
Robichaud, J.P. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63970
Robichaud, Langis J. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63973
Robillard, A.J. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-63975
Robillard, Richard Joseph Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00344
Robins, Kenneth Turner Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-01016
Robins, P.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robinson, M.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCNVR) U-64045
Robinson, Andrew M. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-01169
Robinson, Clarence Lionel Sub-Lieutenant (O) (RCN) U-63985; O-62916
Robinson, E.A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64000
Robinson, G.B. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64010
Robinson, Grant Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Robinson, H.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Robinson, J.F. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64030
Robinson, James Bruce Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) O-62982
Robinson, John Robertson Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Robinson, L.H. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64037
Robinson, Michael H. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64045
Robinson, Peter Edward Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-64050; O-63038
Robinson, R.A. Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Robinson, Robert A. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64058
Robinson, Robert J. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64060
Robinson, S.M. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00904
Robinson, W.R. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64073
Robitaille, Claude Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-64090; O-63079
Robitaille, Jean Paul Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Roblin, S.C. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCNVR) U-64100
Rocchi, Francis Ordinary Seaman (Officer Candidate UNTD) (RCNVR) (nk)
Roche, H.O. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64143
Roche, M.P. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64144
Roche, Michael Vanstone Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Roche, P. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Rocheleau, Melville William Douglas Lieutenant-Commander (MARS) O-63155
Rochette, M.J.L.M.J. Naval Cadet (S) (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64150
Rochon, G. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Rochon, R.E. / R.R. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-01206
Rodger, David S. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-64158
Rodgerson, James S. Surgeon Lieutenant (RCN(R)) (nk)
Rodman, Marvyn Floyd Sub-Lieutenant (SB) (E) (RCNVR) O-63187
Rodrigue, M. Officer Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) (nk)
Roger, Allan Barclay Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-64200, O-63237
Rogers, A.H.D. Naval Cadet (UNTD) (RCN(R)) U-00636
Rogers, Christopher Graham Sub-Lieutenant (RCN(R)) U-02607

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