Vessels Built by Vessels Built by George F. Askew in British Columbia

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2015

He was based in Vancouver BC but built some British Columbia river vessels in situ. He also built river vessels in Alberta.

Vessels built by George F. Askew

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Allan S. (I) 153381 Tug 1926
Ardrie (nk) Yacht, sail (Class B) 1915
Argent 153404 Fishboat, general 1927
B.C. Surveyor 171808 Patrol vessel 1939
Buffalo Lake 156567 Passenger/Freight Vessel 1930
Check Mate 153381 Tug 1926
Chugaway II (I) 153381 Tug 1926
Conveyor (II) 130885 Passenger/Freight Vessel -
Cresset 155106 Yacht, sail (gaff-rigged headsail cutter) 1929
D.A. Thomas 138420 Passenger/Freight Vessel 1916
Gamine (nk) Yacht, sail (sloop) 1925
H.B.C. Barge No. 87 156567 Passenger/Freight Vessel 1930
Hereanthere 156897 Yacht, sail (yawl) 1930
Hudson's Hope 138024 Passenger/freight vessel 1915
Lady Mackworth 138621 Freighter 1916
Leola V. 154946 Yacht, power-cruiser 1928
Leola Vivian (I) 171808 Patrol vessel 1939
Nelmar (II) 156621 Yacht 1930
New Westminster Wave 153381 Tug 1926
Northland Call (II) 138024 Passenger/freight vessel 1915
Oliver Clark II 171808 Patrol vessel 1939
Operator (II) 130886 Passenger/Freight Vessel 1912
Squamish 172316 Work Boat 1937
Squamish (R.C.A.F.) 172316 Work Boat 1937
Stewart F. 153385 Fishboat, general 1926
Westward Ho 154914 Yacht, sail 1927
Whitewings II (I) 154914 Yacht, sail 1927
Yukon Rose 116630 Tug 1929

Vessel built by Francis G. Askew

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Quest II 194185 Fishboat, general 1948

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