Vessels Built by the Atagi Boat Works

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2012

The Atagi Boat Works was established by Tsunematsu Atagi in Steveston BC in 1905. It was one of the largest in Steveston where he fished (for the Gulf of Georgia Cannery), and built boats in the off– season. He built Columbia River–style gillnetters. In 1912 he switched to building packers and seine boats for the Anderson Cannery at Quathiaski Cove. In 1941 he was building at the Scottish Canadian Cannery (Garry Point) when he was interned he was re–located to Celista BC for the duration of the Second World War. After the Second World War he re–established at the British Columbia Packers Cannery joined by his sons Kaoru Atagi, Hisao Atagi and Kenji Atagi.

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