Vessels Built by British Columbia Forest Service Maintenance Depot

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2015

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Alder II (nk) Patrol Vessel 1949
Arbutus II (I) (nk) Patrol Vessel 1949
B.C. Forester 151139 Patrol vessel 1923
Check Scaler (nk) Work Boat 1924
Cherry II 14K3292 Patrol Vessel 1946
Chestnut (nk) Work Boat 1924
Coast Ranger (II) 328299 Patrol vessel 1967
Cottonwood II (nk) Patrol Vessel 1952
Cypress II Canada - -
Dickens 141423 Work Boat 1919
Douglas Fir (I) 141422 Patrol Vessel 1919
Douglas Fir II (nk) Patrol Vessel 1947
Forest Dispatcher 312287 Patrol vessel 1960
Forest Ranger II 195792 Patrol vessel 1953
Forest Supervisor 197859 Patrol vessel 1955
Hazel (V) (nk) Work Boat 1950
Kwaietek 151139 Patrol vessel 1923
L.C. 8 314031 Work Boat 1961
L.C. 9 (II) (nk) Work Boat 1955
Larch III (nk) Patrol Vessel 1967
Laurel III (nk) Work Boat 1967
Lodgepole (nk) Work Boat 1953
Massett (nk) Work Boat 1953
Oak II (I) 14K4297 Patrol Vessel 1952
Ocean Spray (II) (nk) Work Boat 1953
Pacific Yew 198839 Patrol vessel 1956
Red Cedar (I) 141421 Patrol Vessel 1919
Red Cedar II (nk) Patrol Vessel 1943
Salal (I) (nk) Work Boat 1958
Seedling (nk) Patrol Vessel 1957
Silver Fir 14K4268 Patrol Vessel 1950
Sitka Spruce (I) 141423 Work Boat 1919
Sitka Spruce II (nk) Patrol Vessel 1952
Sonora (III) (nk) Work Boat 1926
Sylva (nk) Work Boat 1960
Tachi II (nk) - 1926
Tachi III (nk) Work Boat 1950
Western Ash (nk) Patrol Vessel 1950
Western Hemlock (II) 310280 Patrol vessel 1958
White Birch 14K4269 Patrol Vessel 1950
White Pine IV (nk) Patrol Vessel 1958
Whitesail 14K8437 Patrol Vessel 1958
Woodstock (II) (nk) Patrol Vessel 1949
Yellow Pine 189154 Patrol vessel 1956

Author’s Note: This is a partial list (work in progress).

Vessel Images: Can you help us fill gaps in the vessel images in the database? If you have pictures of missing vessels that you have taken and would be willing to contribute to the database to make it more complete all our users would be very grateful. Please send them to admin(at)

Note to Reader: Vessel names containing Roman numerals in parentheses (e.g. Floater (II)) indicates more than one vessel in the database with the same name. The numerals in parentheses are NOT part of the vessel name but are used to distinguish one vessel from another in the database.

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