Vessels Built by C.S. Yachts Co. Ltd.

compiled by John M. MacFarlane and Kathie Thompson 2017

C.S. Yachts Ltd. (Canadian Sailcraft) operated from 1963–1992 in Brampton, ON. It was founded by Paul Tennyson who began building dinghies as part of his reinforced plastics business. In 1971 Canadian Sailcraft dropped dinghy production and began building keel sailboats as CS Yachts Co. Ltd.

Co–author Kathie Thompson (Commodore of The CS Yacht Owners West) sates that they are a group of boaters primarily from the Pacific Northwest, who race and/or cruise CS (originally called Canadian Sailcraft) sailboats (CS 27, 33, and 36T designed by Ray Wall, and the CS 30, 34, 36M and CS 40 designed by Tony Castro.

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Alatus 804384 Yacht, sail (nk)
Amourena 806867 Yacht, sail 1985
Aventura III 825987 Yacht, sail 1989
Azad 807869 Yacht, sail 1982
Blue Monday 835067 Yacht, sail 1979
Boudicca 807947 Yacht, sail 1986
C-Otter I 806896 Yacht, sail 1984
Cardinal Sin (II) 395234 Yacht, sail 1980
Charisma V 809571 Yacht, sail 1987
Child of Midnight 393754 Yacht, sail 1980
Christine M. 395512 Yacht, sail 1974
CS Cape 815237 Yacht, sail 1990
Czech Mate 806048 Yacht, sail 1983
Deliverance II 801536 Yacht, sail 1981
Diamond Life 812663 Yacht, sail (nk)
Drafty Achers 812939 Yacht, sail 1989
Elegant Gypsy 816157 Yacht, sail 1987
Elf Aquitaine 804836 Yacht, sail 1984
Express Crusader 802536 Yacht, sail 1982
Fainleog 395234 Yacht, sail 1980
Falcon (V) 804836 Yacht, sail 1984
First Morning 801938 Yacht, sail 1981
Flyte 819985 Yacht, power-cruiser 1985
For Sail 806048 Yacht, sail 1983
Fritha of Victoria 837254 Yacht, sail 1988
Fusion I 806896 Yacht, sail 1984
Gadgets 804063 Yacht, sail 1983
Gandalf I 807947 Yacht, sail 1986
Gaucho 804381 Yacht, sail 1985
Generation 395935 Yacht, sail 1980
Heron (III) (nk) Yacht, sail (nk)
Huff 'N Puff 395520 Yacht, sail 1981
Hushwings 814462 Yacht, sail (nk)
Interlude II 805635 Yacht, sail 1983
Jeekers II 812939 Yacht, sail 1989
Jemelee I 804063 Yacht, sail 1983
Jewell II 815237 Yacht, sail 1990
Juguete 801536 Yacht, sail 1981
Kendra 800068 Yacht, sail 1979
Kewao 801555 Yacht, sail 1980
Killick 802536 Yacht, sail 1982
King's Lady 383332 Yacht, sail 1978
Kwinnum (II) 804845 Yacht, sail 1984
Leap of Faith 807763 Yacht, sail 1988
Louis D'Or 801128 Yacht, sail 1981
Magic Karpet III 393754 Yacht, sail 1980
Mary Bye 805728 Yacht, sail 1985
Metamorphosis 395512 Yacht, sail 1974
Minnedosa 810398 Yacht, sail 1988
Misty Gray 805268 Yacht, sail 1982

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