Vessels Built by the Commander Boat Mfg. Inc.

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2013

They were located at Port Moody BC. The boats were exclusively marketed by Canmar Yachts.

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Altair's Dream 804777 Yacht, power-cruiser 1983
Bomark II 803648 Yacht, power-cruiser 1983
Cecada 805663 Yacht, power-cruiser 1985
Cumorah 804776 Yacht, power-cruiser 1984
Daze Off 804776 Yacht, power-cruiser 1984
Deck-A-Dents I 806708 Yacht, power-cruiser 1985
Dolphin Spirit I 802797 Yacht 1982
Ectra 804804 Yacht 1984
Erin-Belle 804136 Yacht 1983
Hey Jude (III) 806755 Yacht, power-cruiser 1985
Irish Mist VII 803647 Yacht, power-cruiser 1983
Lady Katherine No. 1 801548 Yacht, power-cruiser 1981
Limit (The) 802797 Yacht 1982
Linus 803591 Yacht, power-cruiser 1983
M1 803648 Yacht, power-cruiser 1983
Margaret Louise I 806708 Yacht, power-cruiser 1985
Melreva 804776 Yacht, power-cruiser 1984
Orca Spirit I 802797 Yacht 1982
Pacajil 803647 Yacht, power-cruiser 1983
Paula Rae 822622 Yacht, power-cruiser 2000
Pauline B. 802780 Yacht 1982
Sea Huntress (I) 801548 Yacht, power-cruiser 1981
Talon (I) 802780 Yacht 1982
Tandem Venture 802779 Yacht, power-cruiser 1982
Tusitala I 806698 Yacht, power-cruiser 1985
V.P.D. 99 (II) 395743 Patrol vessel 1980
Vivianne 802265 Yacht, power-cruiser 1981
Waka Tika 805676 Yacht, power-cruiser 1985

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