Vessels Built by Daigle Welding & Marine Ltd.

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2013

Established in 1985 they were located in Campbell River BC. They specialized in the manufacture of custom built aluminum boats: Crew Boats, Work Boats, Research Boats, Fishing Boats, Patrol Boats, Freight Boats and Pleasure Boats. Steve Daigle, founder, was involved in boat building, design, marine and general fabrication in Prince Rupert B.C. since 1976. In 1985 he moved to Campbell River and established their brand – Eaglecraft Boats.

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
14K34215 14K34215 Fishboat, general (nk)
Burrard 1 816140 Passenger Vessel 1992
C00033BC C00033BC Passenger Vessel 1999
C00036BC C00036BC - 2013
C01455BC C01455BC Passenger Vessel 2015
C01984NT C01984NT Passenger Vessel 2000
C02797BC C02797BC Work Boat 2001
C03419BC C03419BC Passenger Vessel 2017
C04736BC C04736BC Passenger Vessel 2016
C04737BC C04737BC Passenger Vessel 2017
C04738BC C04738BC Passenger Vessel 2015
C04739BC C04739BC Work Boat 2016
C06810QC C06810QC Work Boat 2004
C07554BC C07554BC Work Boat 2014
C07557BC C07557BC Work Boat 2014
C11617BC C11617BC Passenger Vessel 2016
C13102BC C13102BC Landing Craft 2016
C13255BC C13255BC Work Boat 2016
C14305BC C14305BC Passenger Vessel 2013
C14306BC C14306BC Passenger Vessel 2013
C14365BC C14365BC Work Boat 2013
C14463BC C14463BC Work Boat 2014
C15307BC C15307BC Passenger Vessel 2014
C15310BC C15310BC Passenger Vessel 2016
C15469BC C15469BC Landing Craft 2014
C15645BC C15645BC Passenger Vessel 2016
C15858BC C15858BC Passenger Vessel 2016
C17300BC C17300BC Work Boat 2016
C17865BC C17865BC Passenger Vessel 2016
C18110BC C18110BC Passenger Vessel 2013
C20131BC C20131BC Passenger Vessel 2012
C20336BC C20336BC Passenger Vessel 2012
C20647BC C20647BC Passenger Vessel 2012
C20889BC C20889BC Fishboat, general 2013
C21167BC C21167BC Passenger Vessel 2016
C21936BC C21936BC Work Boat 2013
C22578BC C22578BC Work Boat 2015
C22660BC C22660BC Work Boat 2014
C23223BC C23223BC Work Boat 2014
C23325BC C23325BC Work Boat 2014
C23438BC C23438BC Fishboat, general 2014
C24024BC C24024BC Work Boat 2015
C24436BC C24436BC Passenger Vessel 2015
C24634BC C24634BC Work Boat 2016
C25171BC C25171BC Work Boat 2017
C25792BC C25792BC Work Boat 2016
C25860BC C25860BC Passenger Vessel 2016
C26010BC C26010BC Work Boat 2017
C26016BC C26016BC Work Boat 2017
C26414BC C26414BC Work Boat 2017

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