Vessels Built by the Deltaga Boat Works Ltd.

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2015

The Deltaga Boat Works Ltd. was located in South Surrey BC on the Fraser River. It was originally established by Kumetaro Tsumura from Prince Rupert BC. Kumetaro was born in Japan, and came to Prince Rupert in a sailing ship in 1899 from the Wakayama area of Japan. He was already a skilled boat builder on his arrival. Kumetaro worked for a time as the Master of the fish boat J.L. Card before opening his own boat yard.

During the Second World War the whole family was interned, passing through the assembly at Hastings Park in Vancouver, moved on to road camps in the Slocan Valley and finally on to Ontario. This was a painful period which the family endured stoically. In Ontario Kumetaro worked at the Richardson Boat Works in Meaford Ontario before moving together to Toronto. His son Kei relates that his father, anxious to keep building boats, constructed one in the basement that required the foundation to be breached so that it could be extracted. Once the Federal Government allowed Japanese Canadians to return to the coast (around 1949) the Tsumura family joined family members, veterans of Second World War service in the Canadian Army, who were already located there.

Together they purchased 7 acres in Sunbury, Delta, on the Fraser River and constructed a full shipyard there. In Delta, Kumetaro worked with his four sons (Andy (Isao); Johnny (Teiji), Sub (Suburuo) and Daniel (Kei) and his two daughters (who worked in the office) Mary (Sachi) and Grace (Takeo). Johnny trained as a naval architect in the USA. He was highly skilled and designed all the vessels built by Deltaga Boat Works Ltd.

The first boat built was the Phantom Thrush which was a planing hull gill netter in an adaptation of a sport boat. This created quite a stir on the coast as all previous gill netters had been displacement hulls. The early boats were wood planked. They experimented with fibreglass over wood in what Kei Tsumura recalls as the first attempt on the coast to build a glass fibre hull fish boat. Soon most vessels they produced were glass fiber hulls.

The early customers included a lot of Japanese fishermen wishing to resume careers fishing on the coast. Kei Tsumura acknowledged that at first there was a harsh bad feeling toward the Japanese who had returned to the coast. But he says: "You are tested by the quality of the work you do" and soon they saw that the prejudice was diminished and orders started pouring in from a wide part of the marine sector. The company was very productive and he says that one year they produced 50 vessels. Most were fishing vessels: gill netters, trollers and drum seiners. They also produced a number of small racing boats and a class of specially designed fish boats for use on Great Slave Lake.

Kei Tsumura spent a year running his own gill netter and another season working in the crew of a troller. He had other ambitions though and returned to Toronto to write for the Star Weekly magazine writing feature articles, some of which drew upon his experiences as a fisherman on the Fraser river. He then was appointed as editor of the New Canadian, the national Japanese Canadian newspaper in Toronto.

Deltaga Boat Works Ltd.

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Adriatic Queen 346995 Fishboat, general 1972
Algoma (II) 371924 Fishboat, gillnetter 1977
Alta Viking 372738 Fishboat, general 1977
Anita 2 370737 Fishboat, general 1976
Ansa 370737 Fishboat, general 1976
Arbutus Point 313758 Fishboat, general 1961
B.L.O. 323488 Fishboat, general 1965
Bearcat 345924 Fishboat, general 1972
Bette C III 320359 Fishboat, general 1970
Blossom Point 319336 Fishboat, general 1962
Blue Comet 370744 Fishboat, general 1974
Blue Harvester 369630 Fishboat, general 1975
Bonnie Jean 348813 Fishboat, general 1974
Bonnie Jean II 348813 Fishboat, general 1974
Cantal 347825 Fishboat, general 1973
Cherish 346983 Fishboat, general 1973
Come Ocean 369064 Fishboat, general 1974
Comeback (II) C02614BC Fishboat, troller 2013?
Comrade (II) 345927 Fishboat, general 1973
Copper Sunrise 346974 Fishboat, general 1973
Coste-Isle 392192 Fishboat, general 1978
Coste-Isle No. 1 392192 Fishboat, general 1978
Cyril Lin C23573BC Fishboat, general -
Cyril Lyn C23573BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Darby I 344618 Fishboat, gillnetter 1970
Deborah Mary 371907 Fishboat, general 1977
Deltaga 348762 Fishboat, general 1974
Devon Rex 331100 Fishboat, general 1969
E.D. Lee 371907 Fishboat, general 1977
Easy Rider III 370205 Fishboat, general 1975
Erica Lin 348745 Fishboat, general 1974
Erin Isle 348527 Fishboat, general 1974
Ethel K. 195734 Fishboat, gillnetter 1953
Flora James 371844 Fishboat, general 1976
Flora-A. 372610 Fishboat, general 1977
Foxy Lady II (I) 348778 Yacht, power-cruiser 1974
Fun Seeker 370658 Fishboat, general 1976
Gibraltar (I) 330875 Fishboat, general 1969
Haida Pride (II) 392192 Fishboat, general 1978
Happy Time V 346565 Fishboat, general 1972
Harbor Girl 348528 Fishboat, general 1974
Harrison Chief 347864 Fishboat, combination 1973
Heidelberg 392224 Fishboat, general 1979
Helena C21696BC Fishboat, general 2013c
Helena Dawn 348745 Fishboat, general 1974
Hell's Bells 347059 Fishboat, general 1973
Hyson II 369560 Fishboat, general 1974
Ivory Isle 322392 Fishboat, general 1964
Jaclyn VI 383463 Fishboat, general 1977
Joanie (II) (nk) Fishboat, general (nk)

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Deltaga Boat Works (1977) Ltd.

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Alaina 394178 Fishboat, general 1980
Algoma 2 393355 Fishboat, general 1978
Amber Sunrise 372373 Fishboat, general 1978
C-Fin 803609 Fishboat, general 1983
Carolanne 393871 Fishboat, general 1979
Cherish II 392260 Fishboat, general 1979
Darlenda 391690 Fishboat, general 1980
Debra Mar 393392 Fishboat, general 1977
Donna Y 393887 Fishboat, general 1979
Exclusive 391397 Fishboat, misc. combination 1978
Flying O 393476 Fishboat, general 1979
Golden Harvest 383871 Fishboat, general 1978
Happy Time 392213 Fishboat, general 1979
Hobson's Choice 395384 Yacht, power-cruiser 1979
Irish Sea 395386 Fishboat, general 1979
Island Mistress 392252 Fishboat, general 1979
Jessica (I) 801513 Fishboat, general 1981
Kruise 'n Oakley 392202 Fishboat, general 1979
Lady Luoma 800080 Fishboat, general 1981
Lisa Jess 383993 Fishboat, general 1977
Lucky Star No. 1 (II) 393986 Fishboat, troller 1979
Marial 392202 Fishboat, general 1979
Marian G II 807726 Yacht 1988
Minato 393585 Fishboat, general 1978
Miss Ganhada 392790 Fishboat, general 1979
Miss Miranda 393503 Fishboat, general 1979
Miss Robbie 372378 Fishboat, general 1978
Miss Valerie No. 1 (II) 801073 Fishboat, general 1981
Ocean Story 7 393585 Fishboat, general 1978
Pacific Gull 384057 Fishboat, general 1978
Pacific Schooner 800103 Fishboat, combination 1981
Porlier Princess 372409 Fishboat, general 1978
Possibility 393575 Fishboat, general 1979
Princess Kathy 391397 Fishboat, misc. combination 1978
Sea Lord 391269 Fishboat, general 1978
Second Wind (II) 392241 Fishboat, general 1979
September Isle 395384 Yacht, power-cruiser 1979
Severn Mist 393365 Fishboat, combination 1979
Skeena Dawn (I) 372367 Fishboat, general 1978
Smiths Pride 391690 Fishboat, general 1980
Southwind IV 393907 Fishboat, general 1979
Taleomy Girl 392790 Fishboat, general 1979
Traveller II 392241 Fishboat, general 1979
Trident Isle 801632 Fishboat, general 1979

Author’s Note: This is a partial list (work in progress). I am indebted to Kei Tsumura (4th son of Kumetaro Tsumura) who generously shared his memories and knowledge to make the history narrative more accurate and complete.

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