Vessels Built by Double Eagle Boat Ltd.

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2015

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
13K71859 819507 Fishboat, general 1974
Andrew Jaime C22485BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Andrew Jaime C22485BC Fishboat, general 1987
Aura-Lynn 811873 Fishboat, general 1988
Bradine 810172 Fishboat, general 1985
Challangar V 348562 Fishboat, general 1977
Challanger VI 383485 Fishboat, general 1977
Connie-Lynne (II) 801585 Tug 1981
Dark Horse C22264BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Dunvegan (II) 383979 Yacht, power-cruiser 1978
Eagle Cat C26045BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Eldorado I 812290 Fishboat, general 1979
Full Torque C20732BC Fishboat, gillnetter (nk)
Joheka IV 383979 Yacht, power-cruiser 1978
Jonah 348562 Fishboat, general 1977
Karen Ann II 372614 Fishboat, general 1977
Kehewin C01269BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Kill'n Time 811248 Fishboat, general 1988
Knight Drummer 812868 Fishboat, general 1990
Mar Viento 800009 Yacht 1980
Marita Lea C21991BC Fishboat, general -
Mary Kate II 816788 Fishboat, general 1981
Matia I 819507 Fishboat, general 1974
Miss Meg C04083BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Red Cedar III (nk) Work Boat 1972
Rodos Isle 812868 Fishboat, general 1990
Seawood Lady 807691 Yacht 1986
Shelley-Lisa 803165 Fishboat, general 1981
Silvergill 13K66441 Fishboat, general 1990c
SMUQW "A" 803165 Fishboat, general 1981
Sporades 807945 Passenger Vessel 1986
T.N.T. II 803165 Fishboat, general 1981
Tonya J 811248 Fishboat, general 1988
Tshein 804219 Yacht, power-cruiser 1984

Author’s Note: This is a partial list (work in progress).

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Note to Reader: Vessel names containing Roman numerals in parentheses (e.g. Floater (II)) indicates more than one vessel in the database with the same name. The numerals in parentheses are NOT part of the vessel name but are used to distinguish one vessel from another in the database.

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